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Why use Micellar Water?

Why use Micellar Water?
Team LF
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You may have already heard of micellar water. It's been hyped all over the beauty news for its ability to sweep away makeup and impurities in one swift swoop. But, just what is it, and why should it become an essential part of our skincare routines?

Where did Micellar Water come from?

It may have only become a recent skincare phenomenon, but micellar water has actually been around for hundreds of years.

It first appeared in France, where it was created as a solution to the harsh water that women were using.

What is Micellar Water?

Micelles are molecules that act as cleansing oils. They are suspended in the water itself, and attract all impurities and dirt on the skin to leave it feeling refreshed and clean.

While it actually looks like regular water, its clever formula means that it's a double agent and helps to do more than simply hydrate your skin.

This means that it is great to use as a stand-alone cleanser if you don't have the time or resource to do a proper cleanse, or you can use it as the first step in your double cleansing routine.

Which Micellar Water is the best?

There are lots of micellar waters to choose from, but opting for one to suit your skin type will ensure your skin stays soft, hydrated and healthy.

    Team LF
    Writer and expert
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