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Origins Mini Moisturisers: the cutest new additions to your skincare routine

Origins Mini Moisturisers: the cutest new additions to your skincare routine
Team LF
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As we move into the warmer months, many of us contemplate switching up our skincare routines, adapting to the needs of our skin as the weather heats up a little.

Those with dehydrated, dull skin often need just as much nourishment as they do in the cooler months but long for a lighter, gel-like formula that feels weightless on the skin. On the other hand., oily, acne-prone skin types that battle with shine in the summer months often look for a moisturiser that will balance and softly mattify their skin.

Whatever the change to your routine may be, it is often difficult to know which product to purchase if you are taking a risk with a new formulation or consistency.

The new mini moisturisers from Origins may be exactly what you need to help you find your perfect summer moisturiser. With four formulas housed in cute, petite 30ml pots, unlike the standard 50ml offered by Origins, you can sample your new moisturiser before selecting which one to commit to for the summer.

Origins Mini Moisturisers

Whether you need to mattify your skin or revive a dull complexion this summer, you can sample the hero moisturisers from Origins or combine each of these different hydrating products on different areas on your face as part of your everyday skincare routine.

Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturiser

If your skin loses vital moisture in the summer months and often feels tight and dehydrated, opt for the Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturiser. Enriched with Rose of Jericho, the 'Ressurection Plant', Make A Difference Plus+ helps to quench and deeply hydrate thirsty, parched skin.

With an advanced hydra-sustaining complex and the moisturising additions of Watermelon and Lychee, the Rejuvenating Moisturiser works to support the skin's natural barrier function which helps to retain water and moisture. Ultra-lighweight and hydrating, Make A Difference Plus+ is ideal for those who need hydration but wish to avoid thick, heavy creams in the warmer months.

Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturiser

Heat, air-conditioning and pollution can really take a strain on our skin in the summer leaving it looking grey-ish, dull and tired. The Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturiser helps to transform lack-lustre skin and boost the radiance of your complexion.

Formulated with glow-boosting Ginseng and energising coffee beans, the gel-cream moisturiser instantly hydrates and gives your skin a much needed boost, leaving it looking healthy and vibrant. The addition of a fresh, orange scent makes GinZing the perfect morning moisturiser, helping to boost both your skin and your mood.

Origins Original Skin Matte Moisturiser

Many of us battle with shiny, oily skin the the warmer months and need products that will help to balance and control our skin. The Origins Original Skin Matte Moisturiser is a beautifully lightweight moisturiser which delivers long-lasting hydration without overwhelming your skin.

Harnessing the powers of Pink Rock Rose and Willowherb, the Matte Moisturiser minimises the appearance of visible pores and refines the texture of your skin for a soft, even finish. Your skin will be left luminous rather than shiny and oils will be kept at bay for a fresh and clear complexion.

Origins Plantscription SPF25 Power Anti-Ageing Cream

Although our skincare needs may change in the warmer months, mature complexions always need a deep dose of hydration in their skincare routines. The Origins Plantscription SPF25 Power Anti-Ageing Cream works to hydrate the skin and restore a radiant, youthful complexion.

Fortified with Dill Seed Extract and Anogeissus, which helps to boost the elasticity of your skin, the Plantscription Anti-Ageing Cream works continually to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst protecting the skin against harmful UV rays. Skin will be left firmer and smoother with a youthful glow.

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Writer and expert
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