Talking Skincare with FOREO’s Alexandra Finlayson

Talking Skincare with FOREO’s Alexandra Finlayson

With their sonic facial brushes, FOREO have revolutionised skincare and cleansing. We sat down to talk to one of their team members, Alexandra, about her skincare regime and the products she swears by.

Skincare with Alexandra Finlayson

Working as FOREO’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Alexandra lives and breathes skincare. FOREO are some of the leaders in cleansing technology and their amazing facial brushes have become a bestsell

Find out more about Alexandra’s thoughts on skincare when we sat down to chat with her.


Question: How did you start working at FOREO?

I’ve always been passionate about skincare and luxury goods. When the job opportunity arose I jumped at the chance to work for such an innovative and out-of-the-box brand.

Coming from working in luxury beauty I had seen FOREO around and was always attracted to the sleek designs. After learning more, I was fascinated with how effective and revolutionary the products were and knew I wanted to be a part of the company.

Question: What’s the most important skincare tip or secret you could give us?

Living and working in London I feel it’s especially important to thoroughly cleanse every night to remove the day’s grime.

I always double cleanse – first to remove my makeup and then a deeper cleanse using my LUNA 2 to unclog pores and remove dirt, oil and any leftover makeup residue.

My skin always feels super soft and my moisturiser sinks in so much better.

Question: Do you have any tips for those just beginning their skincare journey?

It’s never too early to implement a good skincare routine! Be gentle to your skin and don’t use anything too harsh.

The LUNA devices are made of soft silicone so they are non-abrasive and gentle enough to be used every day. If you are new to T-Sonic cleansing, start with the LUNA Play, which lasts for up to 100 1-minute cleansing routines.

You can try it out and see the difference in your skin before upgrading to a full-size device.

Question: What is the one skincare item you cannot live without?

The FOREO Day Cleanser contains Bergamot, Mandarin and Apricot Seed Extract so it is very refreshing and perfect to help wake me up first thing in the morning.

It leaves my skin feeling soft and contains probiotics to protect from pollution and external aggressions.

Question: What is your favourite beauty trend of the season?

It has to be fresh radiant skin! Autumn/Winter 2016 is all about a pretty and natural complexion.

Question: What skincare faux pas do you see too often?

Makeup wipes or not properly cleansing at night! It’s so important to deeply cleanse so your skin is ready for whatever serum, treatment or moisturiser you apply afterwards.

A clean, balanced base will ensure your products can work most effectively.

Question: If you had to pick one item from your collection what would it be and why?

It would have to be the LUNA 2 – I’ve even got my friends and family hooked!

Once you’ve used it once and felt the difference you won’t go back to cleansing without one.



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