The Benefits of Copper on the Skin

The Benefits of Copper on the Skin

Copper is the new craze in the beauty world, and it’s all thanks to its rejuvenating and anti-ageing properties.

As our brand of the month, we have teamed up with Copper experts Iluminage, to delve deeper into the science behind the brand, and just what makes this shiny mineral so essential in our beauty routines.

Why is Copper good for the skin?

Copper is a well known mineral, but often overlooked when it comes to skincare. We all know that Zinc and Magnesium are absolutely essential to keeping your complexion healthy, but copper is also a little miracle worker that needs more spotlight attention.

Aiding in the production of both Collagen and Elastin, copper helps to keep your skin youthful, strong and healthy. Found naturally in your skin’s own cells, it promotes the natural growth of proteins, which are the building blocks of your skin. This helps your complexion to stay firm and taut, making it a great ingredient to use if you have mature skin.

Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Copper Pillowcase

Iluminage use copper that is able to penetrate the skin’s cells and make a real difference to your complexion as you sleep. Their range of textiles contains unique technology made with copper oxide fibres, so that as you sleep, copper ions are infused into the skin and help with rejuvenation and regeneration.

While a new beauty ingredient usually demands a lot of work and attention, what could be easier than heading off to 8 hours of beauty sleep?

The Iluminage Anti Ageing Copper Pillowcase only needs to be slipped over your favourite pillow, while you get some slumber. As you sleep, it will work its coppery magic, and help to keep your skin healthy. It has been proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin in just 4 weeks with constant use, so you can make this small change to your beauty routine for big results.

Iluminage Anti-Ageing Copper Eye Mask

When travelling, or if you need a little more darkness when you sleep, the Iluminage Copper Eye Mask is your perfect option. While it helps to block out the light, it also works as you get some shut-eye to keep your eyes youthful and healthy.

The skin around your eyes is one of the most delicate and thinnest areas of your body, so needs a little more care and protection when it comes to keeping it wrinkle-free. The copper technology in the eye mask helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and give your eyes the attention they need to stay youthful and healthy.



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