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The best luxury La Mer moisturisers for your skin type

The best luxury La Mer moisturisers for your skin type
Holly James
Beauty Writer3 years ago
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Loved by skincare experts across the globe, we are proud to present La Mer to LOOKFANTASTIC. The height of luxury, La Mer combines only the finest ingredients to create the perfect recipe for healthy, glowing skin. With hero formulas, inspired by the sea, La Mer offers an indulgent approach to luxury skincare, treating your skin to the very best in the industry.

In celebration of one of our biggest launches this year, we have put together a guide on choosing the perfect La Mer moisturiser for you. With 5 textures of moisturiser to suit every skin type, concern and season, these cult moisturisers will leave you with your healthiest looking skin yet, naturally nourished and radiant. All infused with the transforming powers of Miracle Broth™ and the finest ingredients to hydrate and care for every skin type.

Crème de la Mer

The iconic moisturiser that gave the brand it's highly admired reputation in the beauty and skincare industry, the Crème de la Mer is a creamy and rich moisturiser that envelopes the skin in a veil of hydration, absorbing into the skin to soothe dryness. Harnessing the powers of their famous Miracle Broth™, containing a blend of magnesium, kelp and lime tea, the moisturiser leaves skin feeling smooth and soft, reducing the appearance of fine lines. The Crème de la Mer can be used both day and night; to activate the revitalising formula, warm the luxurious cream between your fingers for a few seconds before gently pressing it onto the skin.

Best for: Drier skin

The Moisturizing Soft Cream

Powered by the same revolutionary Miracle Broth™ elixir as in the Crème de la Mer, the La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream is a lightweight but deeply hydrating formula that works to replenish the skin to restore radiance. Containing Moisturizing Spheres that absorb into the skin for intense hydration, the cream helps to alleviate discomfort as well as minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Expect a restored, brighter and more vibrant complexion after application.

Best for: Combination/Drier skin

The Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream

Cool and soothing, the Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream by La Mer uses Micro Oil Gel Capsules infused with natural ingredients from the sea for a refreshed feel to calm irritated and dry skin. With a lighter texture, skin is left feeling refreshed, comfortable and moisturised. To apply, warm the formula between your fingertips before gently pressing into the skin, allowing the nourishing ingredients to absorb into the complexion.

Best for: Oilier combination skin

The Moisturizing Soft Lotion

Fast absorbing and lightweight, the La Mer Moisturizing Soft Lotion is a non-greasy formula that offers a satin finish balanced glow. Infused with the transformative powers of Miracle Broth™, the Soft Lotion delivers moisture deep into the complexion to leave skin looking vibrant, restored and healthier.

Best for: Combination skin

The Moisturizing Matte Lotion

Perfect for anyone with oil-prone skin, the Moisturizing Matte Lotion by La Mer offers the same luxury formula with oil-absorbing technology to leave a mattified finish and reducing the appearance of pores without compromising on moisture. The deeply hydrating Lotion hydrates the skin, balancing out the complexion to leave it looking restored, energised and perfectly matte. Apply the Lotion both morning and night to reveal your healthiest looking skin yet.

Best for: Oilier skin

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Holly James
Beauty Writer
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Working with brands at LOOKFANTASTIC for over two years I have developed my knowledge of all things beauty from key skincare concerns to niche makeup tricks and haircare hacks. I have a major passion for finding effective solutions that are easily accessible to everyone so that we can all achieve our best, glowing complexion.