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The Ultimate Relaxation Guide

The Ultimate Relaxation Guide

Today marks the day where we are supposed to slow down, take time for ourselves and unplug ourselves from the daily stresses of life. We have put together the ultimate relaxation guide to help you unwind and find your inner balance.

The Best Products For Ultimate Relaxation

Nothing says relaxation quite like a scented candle, and this one from Neom Organics sends us off into our most relaxed state. There are notes of French Lavender and Geranium, which smell divine and will leave your room beautifully fragranced.

For the best night sleep, spritz the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray onto your pillow so that when you get off to bed, you will smell notes of Lavender to help calm, relax and de-stress you. Plus, its natural formulation won't cause irritation.

Take time to massage sore and aching joints with the Monu Spa Relaxing Bali Body Oil. Massaging can help to stimulate lymphatic drainage and encourage circulation, removing toxins from your body and leave you feeling healthier and happier.

There is nothing more relaxing than a head massage, but since we can't go to the beauty salon every day, the Kent Massage Brush is on hand. Not only does massaging the scalp and hair help to encourage hair growth, but it can reduce headaches and induce feelings of relaxation.

Relax and revive your body with an invigorating body wash such as this one from Trilogy. Formulated with aromatic essential oils. it leaves your skin soft and healthy and your senses feeling peaceful and calm.

For on-the-go relaxation, roll this relaxing perfume on your pulse points to help keep you calm in stressful situations. Formulated with Magnolia, Rose Geranium and Frankincense, it helps to relax your mood and keep you feeling balanced.

Spritz the fabric in your home with the De-Stress Home Mist from Neom Organics. Infused with Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood, it can be used on all fabrics including your bed linen to relax and calm your mood. The essential oils in this fragrance smell absolutely divine and immediately help you to relax and find a more balanced state of mind.

Give your skin some love and treat yourself to a face mask with the Alpha-H Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask. It is enriched with Honey, Rose and Lavender Oil to reduce blemishes, redness and irritation and leave your skin soothed and glowing.

Pour these bath salts into running water to treat yourself to a deeply relaxing bath. Made with Geranium and Orange, the essential oils are great for uplifting your mood, while the Dead Sea Salt helps to keep your skin soft and smooth.



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