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Beauty experts reveal the trends to watch this summer…

Beauty experts reveal the trends to watch this summer…
Holly James
Beauty Writer2 years ago
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This summer we're saying goodbye to subtle styles, with bright colours taking over our makeup bags and manicures and getting serious about our skincare. We've teamed up with the experts who share their predictions on what's set to take off in beauty this summer, as well as their professional advice on how to get the looks.

Fiery red locks

From warm copper tones to subtle strawberry blonde, red hair is the hot colour this summer. Fashioned by celebrities including Kendall Jenner, Aaron Baker, Moroccanoil educator, tells us how to get the look.

"Colouring your hair for the first time can be scary, that’s why the Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask is the best option because you can pick any of our colours without the commitment in the confidence it’ll fade with each wash!" says Aaron.

How do the Color Depositing Masks work?

"Moroccanoil Color Depositing Masks combine  temporary colour with the treatment benefits of a deep conditioning mask. Not only does the CDM make you stand out from the crowd and look fabulous, it’ll also keep your hair hydrated and feeling super soft and shiny!"

How to care for the hair after colouring

"f you are  choosing a more permanent option, hair can sometimes feel a little in need of some TLC.   I always have my go to products of Moroccanoil Original Treatment, Hydrating Styling Cream and All In One Leave-In Conditioner to keep my freshly coloured hair feeling amazing!" advises Aaron.

'Glazed' skin

After likening her post-evening skincare routine complexion to the appearance of a doughnut, Hailey Bieber's 'glazed' skin trend is one we're on board with not just for the summer. What do we mean by this? Turns out layering up isn't just for the winter, "the glazed skin trend consists of layering skincare products to create a glass-like, dewy finish" explains Dr Ana Mansouri, aesthetic doctor & trainer.

How to create the 'glazed' skin look

Want to get the look? According to Dr Ana, "the glass-like look relies on a relatively smooth skin texture that highly reflects light giving a glowing complexion. Mild and gentle chemical exfoliation will help to improve skin texture by sloughing away dead skin cells and polishing the surface layer of the skin to improve the light reflection. Hydration and moisture levels will also help to create a dewy plump finish". She recommends a gentle AHA based chemical exfoliant once or twice a week to polish the skin's texture without over-exfoliating.

Which products should you use for creating 'glazed' skin?

When it comes to layering up, Dr Ana suggests starting with a hydrating serum containing hyaluronic acid on damp skin which will "draw water to the top layers of the skin like a sponge". "These may be layered with moisturising creams containing ceramides, fatty acids or occlusives" she adds. For an added radiance boost, Dr Ana suggests a vitamin C serum or retinol which "smoothen the skin by stimulating collagen over time, this again contributes to a smoother more reflective appearance of the skin".

What order should skincare be layered?

Not sure where to start? Dr Ana's rule: "products should be layered from thinnest to thickest consistency, starting with light-weight serums and finishing off with heavier creams or balms before applying the final step which is always SPF in the morning routine". As mentioned, skincare layering is best suited for the evening, "otherwise cause heavy effect which may not create a suitable base for applying makeup on top. This may also lead to pilling" warns Dr Ana.

What to avoid when skincare layering

Dr Ana's top tip when layering, "be aware not to layer products on top of acids (unless you neutralise the pH with a toner) as this will increase the acid potency and cause reactions". Dr Ana also points out "be aware that layering products on top of active ingredients such as retinols, vitamin C or AHA/BHA chemical exfoliants are likely to boost their absorption and potency thereby increasing the risk of causing irritation and reactions significantly. It is therefore advisable to use active ingredients on non-layering days".

Can layering cause breakouts?

"It is crucial to choose a non-comedogenic product for those who are prone to breakouts in order to avoid exacerbating acne" says Dr Ana. "Using occlusives can exacerbate acne on their own due to the trapping effect of debris and dirt in the pores. It is important to ensure the skin is cleansed properly before applying and layering any products to avoid this further".

Bold and colourful cosmetics

This summer we're saying goodbye to subtle styles and going bold with our beauty products. From bright eyeshadow to rosy-red blush, anything goes.

How to add colour into your makeup look

"Adding colour to your makeup routine can be daunting, especially if you’re used to wearing the same neutral look everyday" admits Thembi Mklanda, celebrity makeup artist. "A great way to bring colour into your look is to try adding a coloured eyeliner. Whether you go for a soft coloured kohl liner or a more defined liquid or gel, you can keep it soft and subtle or do bold and bright!".

If you're looking for something more subtle, Thembi suggests applying a subtle blurred lip stain in a brighter colour: "instead of applying the lipstick full whack, softly push into the lips and blur the edges with your finger or a brush".

If you are going for the bold, Thembi recommends "incorporating colour into your smokey eye look". Her top tip, "go for colours that will make your eyes pop. If you have Blue eyes, an orange based look is for you. If you have green eyes, try red or purple to really pop the green and if you have brown eyes, green is your colour!".

How to choose the right colours for your skin tone

"When it comes to adding a pop of colour and skin tone, I’m a firm believer that there are no rules!" says Thembi. "The whole point of adding colour to your look is to inject some fun, so pick a colour you like and go from there. If you don’t like it, try another, that’s the beauty of it" she advises.

Which colours are trending in makeup?

According to Thembi, warm colours are in. "As we head into summer, especially with the huge blush trend, we’re seeing lots of pinks and oranges. Neon's are also having their moment with graphic liners".

"The 90's and 2000's rave style is coming  back which I love, and I'm seeing a lot of bright neon shades of pinks, oranges, purples and greens paired up with high contrast black graphic liner" agrees Roseanna Velin, professional makeup artist.

How to add colour to the eyes

"Have a look online for some reference images to first understand the variety of shapes, and from there you can start to experiment" advises Roseanna. She opts for a colourful eyeliner; "apply eyeliner either with a pencil, a gel eyeliner and a brush, or an eyeliner pen. Try them all out and see which is most comfortable in your hand. I always advise during application, to break the line up into smaller 'dashes', connecting as you go along, rather than trying to draw the entire line all in one sweep".

How to add colour to the lips

If you're looking for a subtle hint of colour, Roseanna suggests starting with a tinted lip balm to both hydrate whilst adding a tinge of colour. "If you want something slightly more noticeable than this you could go for a tinted lip oil or lip gloss, for gentle colour with a shinier finish" she progresses. "Next up would be a satin finish lipstick, which usually gives a medium amount of colour coverage with a little bit of shine. Velvet finish lipstick is a touch stronger in the pigment and coverage, with a semi-matte finish. Then you have completely matte lipstick, which gives a bold, solid colour with zero shine and it's very long-wearing" she adds.

How to add colour to the complexion

"Blush is a big trend at the moment, taking on more of a 70’s feel with it’s high cheekbone and temple placement" says Thembi. "Opt for colours with a warmer base to them to lift your complexion. This can be the main feature of your look so don’t be scared to go for a brighter colour. Pair back the eyes with just a soft shimmer or sheen and lots of mascara or individual lashes and finish off with a sheer gloss in the same colour family as your blusher".

Candy nails

From swirls and pastels, dots to light coloured ombré looks, sweet-looking manicures are the summer go-to this year. Whether you're serious about long nails or prefer to keep them short, anyone can add a pop of colour to their nails. "I think all shapes work well with candy inspired designs" says Chloe Corbishly Bull, nail artist. "If you shorter square nails then go for something a little simpler, maybe just a couple of swirls instead of a full nail or one powdered pastel" she advises. "To get a nice square nail bring the file up your side walls to create a nice straight edge".

What's the best beginners nail design?

"The best beginners design is an s swirl" says Chloe. "Start at the cuticle and basically draw a big s that finishes at the free edge. Let that dry and do another s next to that one in a different colour. If you’re feeling brave, you can add a few more colours!" she adds. "Another super easy one is dots, go crazy and get lots of pastel colours, using a dotting tool layer the dots on top of each other until the nail is covered- gumball nails! At the moment my go to colours for summer are lilac, pastel blue, pastel pink and green".

 Top tips for a professional nail finish

"I would always opt for a base coat" stresses Chloe. "It just adds a little extra strength to the nails". Similarly, Chloe strongly recommends finishing your look with a top coat: "A top coat is essential, you want to protect your colours or design and you also want that super shine". If you are attempting an intricate design, she suggests using a small brush. "You can trim brushes to make them small using cuticle nippers".

Shimmering finishes

Summer is all about the glow up and this year it's bigger than ever; dewy complexions, glossy lips and sparkly eyelids. "There is something so beautiful about the sun on a summer’s day highlighting your Illuminator or enhancing a shimmer eyeshadow. A shimmering finish always catches the natural light, making it perfect for warmer months" agrees Anastasia Lulu, Iconic London content manager.

How to create a shimmering finish

"Any product that gives a shimmering finish is going to enhance an all over glowing look" says Lulu. "I recommend applying your products with a light hand, and building up intensity as you go along!" When it comes to adding glow, this can be applied at any stage of your makeup routine, from primers such as the Iconic London Prep-Set-Glow to highlighters such as the Iconic London Illuminator. "Shimmer particles in makeup products, such as ICONIC London’s Illuminator and Prep-Set-Glow spray, give a stunning iridescent glow to the skin. Combining these two dew giving products is going to give a beautiful shimmering finish".


For achieving a shimmering, sun-kissed finish with foundation, Lulu recommends using a lightweight formula. "Stipple the product in with a damp beauty sponge. Again, less is more! Go in with your favourite concealer to the areas that need more coverage".


A bestseller, you can't beat the Iconic London Illuminator when it comes to creating a 3 dimensional, sculpted glow. "This liquid highlight has the most beautiful shimmering particles that leave the skin looking like a dewy, glowing dream". Lulu's top tip: "layering a powder highlight over your liquid highlight will enhance your shimmer look. Also, applying a powder highlight over your liquid highlight will ensure that your glow doesn’t budge. Focus your highlight to the top points of the face; cheekbones, eyebrow bones, temples and down the centre of the nose. Apply liquid highlighters with your fingers first and then blend smooth with a damp beauty sponge. Sometimes our best tools are our fingers!".


For a dazzling, shimmery eye look, Lulu suggests applying a translucent powder onto the eyelids first to ensure an even base. If you want to create the appearance of bigger eyes, Lulu advises using a matte brown eyeshadow on the crease and underneath the waterline to contour and enhance. When it comes to adding shimmer, the options are endless: "using your ring finger, go into your favourite shimmer shadow! Press and pat the shimmer all over the eyelid. Repeat until the satisfied with pigment pay off" adds Lulu.


If you're aiming for a fuller, plumper pout, gloss is the way to go. "Lightly overline your lips with a liner close to your natural lip colour. Then reach for a lip gloss, like the Iconic London Lip Plumping Gloss, and apply all over. This will instantly enhance the appearance of your lips!" instructs Lulu.

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