How To Make A Rose Gold Spritzer

How To Make A Rose Gold Spritzer

Nothing quite says a lookfantastic Christmas like a rose gold product, so this winter we are giving you access to our exclusive and very festive Rose Gold Spritzer recipe.

This rosey-hued drink is made with fresh fruit juices that will leave you feeling energised and revitalised thanks to their high-vitamin content.

The grapefruit juice is a particularly great ingredient to use at Christmas as it is a winter fruit so has a much sweeter taste at this time of the year. It also contains Vitamin C to fight off those cold weather blues!

How To Make Lookfantastic’s Rose Gold Spritzer

Ingredients: 170ml Fresh Grapefruit Juice, 170ml Cranberry Juice, 85ml Passion Fruit Nectar, 85ml Sparkling Water.

Directions: Mix all the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker, serve in a cold martini glass and enjoy!

rose gold spritzer

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