Make Your Own Eucalyptus Wreath

Make Your Own Eucalyptus Wreath

There is nothing more festive at Christmas time than an emerald-green wreath to hang on your front door to welcome friends and family.

To modernise it, we have used Eucalyptus, which gives it a gorgeous shape, colour and scent. Plus, the winter season is when colds and flu start to run riot, and as the smell of Eucalyptus helps to clear your airways, it couldn’t be more fitting!

How To Make Your Own Wreath

In order to make our gorgeous Christmas Eucalyptus wreath below, you will need the following ingredients and tools…

  1. Eucalyptus: A few bunches of different varieties gives lots of lovely texture and colour.
  2. Florists Wire: This helps to secure your Eucalyptus in place so it stays looking brand new.
  3. A Grapevine Wreath Form: This gives you a base shape to work from and is easy to insert the stems into.
  4. Any Extra Decorations: You can add a ribbon to hang it, berries for colour or any other pretty additions.

    Start with long sprigs of Eucalyptus, around 8 inches long. Insert the stems into the wreath form and secure by wrapping florists wire around them both where needed.

    Repeat this process with all of your sprigs of Eucalyptus, going around the wreath form, so all the sprigs lie in the same direction.

    Fill in any gaps with smaller sprigs of Eucalyptus. If you have more than one variety of Eucalyptus then this is the perfect moment to add these in.
  4. STEP 4

    Make sure everything is secure. Try to hang your wreath and check that none of the sprogs droop down. Secure with extra florists wire where you need it.

    Add your finishing touches. Tie on a wide ribbon so it can be hung up and secure any final pretty decorations. Then hang it up to admire your beautiful wreath!



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