All About Camouflage Makeup

All About Camouflage Makeup

Covering up scars and pigmentation can be a struggle so we have put together our favourite camouflage makeup products which will help you achieve full but lightweight coverage to last you all day. This is because although you may have scars and pigmentation that you want to cover, you don’t want products to block your skin and pores. When used properly, these concealers and foundations can help cover dark circles, acne and even tattoos.

Light To Medium Camouflage Makeup

This kind of coverage is ideal for day to day use for those who suffer from light discolouration, have some blemishes or small scars.

Start by using a good moisturiser suitable for your skin type and allow it to absorb fully in to your skin.  Follow this with a light covering foundation or a CC Cream, such as the Zelens Age Control Foundation or Estée Lauder Double Wear Light all over your face using a makeup sponge or a brush, and blend in.

Next use a good coverage concealer and apply it on the area that requires covering. Vichy Dermablend Corrective Stick and Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer are both great for this. Fully blend in with the rest of your face and then use a light setting powder on top to let the coverage last all day.

Medium To Heavy Camouflage Makeup

This kind of coverage is more suitable for people who suffer from discolouration, acne scars or birth marks across their face.  This can also be used to cover heavy dark circles and manage skin conditions such as Vitiligo.

Start by using a good moisturiser which is suitable for your skin type and allow the moisturiser to absorb. This is vital for those with oily skin types, as using moisturiser can add the needed hydration and nutrients back in to your skin.

Using a makeup brush or sponge gently put some heavy coverage foundation such as Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup or Shisedo Synchro Skin Lasting Foundation. The best way to achieve a more natural coverage is by building up layers rather than making a thick layer. This prevents bleed-through of colour and also ensures a longer lasting finish. This technique is ideal for covering up tattoos and skin which has extreme discolouration.

After the first application of your foundation layer, follow with a good heavy concealer to fully cover the area of discolouration. Using a lighter shade of concealer for under eyes, or a colour corrective concealer for tattoos and port-wine marks, can help make your skin look more flawless. Red concealer helps to cancel blue/green/grey tones, making it great for dark circles and tattoos, whereas green concealer can help to cancel out reds in your skin tone from acne and scars.

Allow this to settle and then reapply a second layer of your foundation and fully blend in to your skin without rubbing too harshly. Some marks and darker tattoos may require a third layer to achieve desired results.  Set the coverage using a setting powder such as Dermablend or Nars Setting Powder.




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