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10 of the best Bobbi Brown skincare products

10 of the best Bobbi Brown skincare products
Team LF
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Bobbi Brown skincare products are universally brilliant. Not only is there a skin treat for every skin type, the products help to form the perfect canvas for makeup application; leaving your complexion soft, smooth and brightened.

We have rounded up our edit of 10 of the best Bobbi Brown skincare products to help you find your next cult favourite.

Which are the best Bobbi Brown skincare products?

  1. Vitamin Enriched Face Base
  2. Hydrating Face Tonic
  3. Intensive Skin Supplement
  4. Instant Detox Mask
  5. Extra Treatment Lotion
  6. Extra Repair Nourishing Milk
  7. Soothing Cleansing Oil
  8. Buffing Grains Exfoliator
  9. Extra Face Oil
  10. Extra Eye Repair Cream

10 hero Bobbi Brown skincare products

  • 1.Vitamin Enriched Face Base

    Vitamin Enriched Face Base
    4.83 Stars 265 Reviews
    One of the most iconic Bobbi Brown skincare products of all time, the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base is something everyone needs in their skincare kit. The luxurious cream is rich in shea butter, which although is intensely moisturising, doesn't feel heavy or greasy in the skin. The Face Base also contains Vitamin B, C and E to brighten and shield against environmental pollution, and works really well as both a moisturiser and primer.
  • 2.Hydrating Face Tonic

    Hydrating Face Tonic
    4.6 Stars 5 Reviews
    A brilliant addition to your skincare routine if you have a combination complexion, the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic helps to infuse the skin with moisture without ever feeling heavy or leaving a greasy film. Enriched with chamomile, aloe leaf and cucumber, the tonic helps to condition the skin and prep for moisturiser so that it absorbs better for a gorgeous glow.
  • 3.Intensive Skin Supplement

    Intensive Skin Supplement
    5 Stars 1 Reviews
    If you are concerned with pigmentation, skin ageing or dark spots, you will love Bobbi Brown's Intensive Skin Supplement. The lightweight serum contains white birch and grape extracts, which help to clarify oily complexions and keep the skin even, clear and naturally glowing. It's also great to use in the colder months as it feels intensely nourishing and conditioning on the skin.
  • 4.Instant Detox Mask

    Instant Detox Mask
    5 Stars 3 Reviews
    If you suffer from a clogged complexion, the Bobbi Brown Instant Detox Mask is a perfect partner. Suitable for those with acn-prone skin, the mask is rich in Amazonian White Clay, which helps to draw tozins out of the skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes and imperfections. Even though the mask is clay-based, the mask doesn't dry out the skin and instead helps to also keep it beautifully soft.
  • 5.Extra Treatment Lotion

    Extra Treatment Lotion
    4.67 Stars 3 Reviews
    Perfect for dehydrated or dry skin types, the Bobbi Brown Extra Treatment Lotion is made from a blend of sodium hyaluronate and glycerine, which helps to lock moisture into the skin and prevent future water loss. The lotion is water-based, which means it doesn't feel heavy or clog pores and instead leaves the skin beautifully soft and nourished.
  • 6.Extra Repair Nourishing Milk

    Extra Repair Nourishing Milk
    5 Stars 1 Reviews
    Suitable for normal, dehydrated and dry skin types, the Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Nourishing Milk is a unique and luxurious fluid that combines the amazingly hydrating properties of a face oil with the restorative properties of a treatment, all in the lightweight feel of a milk. Rich in precious oils incuding sweet almond, jojoba, sesame and olive, the milk locks in moisture and gives the skin a beautiful glow.
  • 7.Soothing Cleansing Oil

    Soothing Cleansing Oil
    4.42 Stars 12 Reviews
    Cleanse away the day with Bobbi Brown's Soothing Cleansing Oil. The lightweight texture melts away makeup, dirt, oil and impurities, and thanks to its blend of sunflower, jojoba and olive oils, helps to hydrate and moisturise the skin at the same time. Additionally, jasmine flower extract and kukui nut oil work to soothe red and inflamed skin, leaving the complexion calm, comfortable and beautifully cleansed.
  • 8.Buffing Grains Exfoliator

    Buffing Grains Exfoliator
    These gentle Buffing Grains from Bobbi Brown have been formulated specially to be mixed with either water or your favourite Bobbi Brown cleanser to keep the skin smooth and even. Made from  Japanese Adzuki Bean Powder, the grains help to reveal a brighter complexion by buffing away dead skin cells and leaving the skin with an improved texture and better able to absorb other skincare products.
  • 9.Extra Face Oil

    Extra Face Oil
    4.33 Stars 3 Reviews
    Made for severely dehydrated and dry skin types, the Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil contains a blend of jojoba, sweet almond and olive oils which work together to combat flaky and itchy skin. It also contains a beautiful botanical blend of essential oils, including neroli and lavender, making this the perfect product to add into your nighttime skincare routine for a moment of calm.
  • 10.Extra Eye Repair Cream

    Extra Eye Repair Cream
    4.64 Stars 78 Reviews
    Bobbi Brown's Extra Eye Repair Cream is perfect for those who want to keep their eyes bright and revitalised. The rich texture of the cream melts into the skin and makes makeup and concealer application even smoother for a flawless finish. Combining clary sage ferment and Argireline®, the eye cream targets signs of ageing and supports the skin's natural collagen production abilities to leave the eyes looking revitalised.

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