How to achieve the perfect tan with Vita Liberata

How to achieve the perfect tan with Vita Liberata

We sat down with Clara Anderson, Vita Liberata’s VIP Tanning Expert to discuss how to achieve the perfect tan.

As one of the world’s leading self-tanning brands (looking after the limbs of celebrities and supermodels), Vita Liberata is also certified organic and non-toxic, using only the very best ingredients to nourish the skin, and keep it glowing and healthy.

The perfect tan in 4 steps with Vita Liberata

Step 1: Exfoliate

Before you apply any self-tanner, it’s so important to exfoliate to remove dead skin and create a smooth canvas for tan application.

I recommend the Vita Liberata Super Fine Skin Polish as this removes dead skin cells and gives you an even base.

To apply, you can use this on wet skin for a finer exfoliation, or for a deeper exfoliation, apply onto dry skin. Use in circular motions, and concentrate on dry areas, such as hands and elbows.

Step 2: Tanning

We are using Vita Liberata’s pHenomenal Tan, as this is the world’s longest lasting self-tanner, offering 2-3 weeks of bronzed skin.

To use, always use a mitt as this will protect the palms on your hands from becoming orange, and give a really even finish. There is a guide colour to this tan, which helps you to get an even layer all over the skin without missing out any layers.

To apply on the hands, my top tip is to apply with a makeup brush as it will blend really evenly and get to all the edges. At the very end, take a makeup wipe and buff over the elbows and wrists to take away tell-tale tanning signs!

Step 3: Skin Finish

At this stage, we love to use Vita Liberata’s Flawless Body Blur as it is a body makeup which gives the skin coverage and helps to cover any imperfections, whilst adding a gorgeous glow.

To apply, use a mitt as this will help to protect the palms and give a flawless appearance. To finish, I love to use a makeup brush down the centre of the limbs and on the shoulders, collarbones and anywhere you want a natural highlight!

This is what the stars on the Hollywood carpet use! – Clara Anderson, Vita Liberata VIP Tanning Expert

Step 4: Face Tan

For this step, I love to use Vita Liberata’s newest product: Beauty Blur. It bronzes the face, optimise the skin tone and add a healthy glow.

For application, I recommend using a makeup brush to buff it into the skin. You can mix it in with your foundation or primer, and even use it as a highlighter above your cheekbones.

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