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How to make your Christmas Day makeup last all day

How to make your Christmas Day makeup last all day
Holly James
Beauty Writer2 years ago
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The last thing you want to be doing on Christmas Day is having to step out from the festivities to reapply your makeup. However, you don't want to risk looking shinier than the tinsel on the family Christmas pictures. Fear not. We've put together the ultimate guide to how to make your makeup last all day, no matter how 'merry' you get!


Prep your skin

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. One of the main reasons for makeup not making it throughout the day is due to oil, dead skin cells and dirt which all cause it to 'slip' off the skin's texture. By keeping your skin clean, smooth and hydrated, you create an even canvas for your makeup to sit on and prevent any dry patches or excess oil causing it to budge.

Start off with a cleanser to suit your skin type, as well as exfoliating 1-2 times a week depending on your sensitivity. This helps to remove dead skin cells and dirt from the pores to keep the skin's texture even and also provides a natural glow from under your foundation.

No matter what your skin type, don't skip the toner. Especially helpful if you have oily skin, a good toner helps to minimise the pores and reduces oil production throughout the day that can interfere with your makeup. If you have sensitive skin, opt for a toner such as the Lancôme Tonique Confort Toner that won't cause any irritation or dryness and will keep your skin smooth and healthy.

Moisturise! We can't stress this one enough. Not only does a good moisturiser keep your skin hydrated, combatting the effects of winter dryness and any dehydration if you are having a tipple or two this Christmas, it helps to keep the skin smooth, avoiding those dry patches that can be problematic for your makeup. Keeping the skin's hydration levels healthy and supported also prevents excess sebum production as a result of dehydration where the skin overproduces oils in an attempt to moisturise itself. Make sure to choose a moisturiser suited to your skin type, and opt for oil-free to ensure that it absorbs into your complexion and won't combine with your makeup.

Don't rush

Even though you may be eager to get back to the presents and panicking about family arriving, don't sacrifice your skincare. Try to allow around a minute between each skincare step to allow it to fully absorb and to experience the full benefits of each product. Similarly, allow around 10 minutes at least between your skincare and applying your makeup. This allows your skincare, in particular your moisturiser, to fully sink into the skin, preventing it from mixing with your face makeup. Short for time? Use this time to perfect your party ready hairstyle or taking some time for yourself before the the busy day starts.

Don't pass on primer

Just like you wouldn't put the turkey in without pre-heating the oven, don't apply your makeup without priming first. A good primer contains either silicones of polymers that act as a sealant for your skincare, locking in moisture and helping to prevent oil from releasing onto the skin throughout the day. By creating another layer between your skin and your makeup, a primer can also help to even the skin tone and texture, creating a smooth surface and blurring imperfections.

This applies for your eyes too. If you're planning on wearing those sparkly, festive eyeshadows (of course!), then make sure to apply an eyelid primer before any powders or creams to help your look last.

Choose a long-lasting foundation

One of the most important factors in choosing a foundation is finding one matched to your skin type that is therefore more likely to work with your skin than against it. If you do suffer from oiliness, choose an oil-free foundation that will help to keep the shine at bay, preventing the oils from causing your makeup to move.

When applying your makeup, less is more. Applying in thin layers and building up your coverage gives your foundation more chance of staying put throughout the day than caking it on. If you tend to rely on your fingers to apply your foundation, this is the year to ask Santa for a new brush or sponge. Not only does this help with blending for a more even coverage, it prevents the natural oils from your fingers transferring onto the skin which can break down your foundation quicker.

Use a powder

After applying your foundation, use a pressed powder to help set it in place and prolong your wear. A powder not only helps to create a more even-looking base, but also controls shine by absorbing oil produced by the skin over the day.

Go waterproof

Not forgetting your eyes again, both eyeliner and mascara can wear off throughout the day and run, leaving you with the famous 'panda eye' look. For special occasions such as Christmas Day when you want your look to last, try using waterproof formulas that will stay in place until taken off with a makeup remover (plus, it comes in handy for watching the scene in Love Actually where she finds the necklace!).

Don't skip the setting spray

If you ask any MUA the trick to long-lasting makeup, it's setting spray. A high-quality setting spray envelops the skin in a protective veil that helps to prevent your makeup from smudging or running and prolongs it's wear. In addition, most setting sprays are now formulated with hydrating ingredients that help to support the complexion, preventing dryness from ruining your festive makeup look.


Despite your best efforts and no matter how many mattifying formulas you use, skin is skin and will produce some level of oil. If you do find that you're shining a bit too bright this Christmas, use a blotting paper that will absorb the oil without disturbing your makeup. Though most of us tend to rely on powder at this point or add on a layer of foundation, this can damage your skin in the long run by not only spreading oil, but also spreading any bacteria on the face that can cause blemishes.

Train for touch ups

If your foundation does all go south, have your touch up tool kit on hand to tackle the trouble spots rather than reapplying your whole face!

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Beauty Writer
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