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The Benefits Of Argan Oil

The Benefits Of Argan Oil
Team LF
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Since arriving onto the market, Argan Oil has been hailed as the "liquid gold" ingredient in many a beauty product. Featuring in skincare and haircare, this miracle ingredient has enjoyed lots of praising reviews and celebrity endorsement.

Through its popularity however, there are now many companies producing Moroccan Argan Oil products, which actually contain low grade oil or no oil at all. Enter May Hamid. Founder of Argan Liquid Gold, May is of Berber origin herself; hailing from Morocco. She is extremely passionate about Argan Oil having used it throughout her life, and wants to give people the best and highest graded Argan Oil possible.

What Are The Benefits Of Argan Oil?

The benefits of Argan Oil are innumerable; aiding everything from dry hair to various skin conditions. It contains a high level of Phytosterols, which are natural anti-inflammatory agents; making them great to use in skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne and eczema. It is also high in Vitamin E,Omega 6 and antioxidants; making it extremely nutritious and healthy for both the skin and hair.

As Argan Oil is deeply hydrating, yet doesn't clog pores, it is an ideal moisturiser to use all year round. If you have tried to use Coconut Oil on your skin in the past, but it has broken you out, that is because it is comedogenic; meaning it blocks your pores. Argan Oil on the other hand is non-comedogenic and simply melts into the skin without causing irritation.

Argan oil from Morocco is my total skin secret. It’s spectacular! - Eva Mendes

Why Use Argan Liquid Gold?

Argan Liquid Gold contains all of the benefits of Argan Oil, without the added nasties or low grade quality ingredients. All of their products are made from 100% Organic and Cold Pressed Argan Oil and contain no toxins or silicones, which can harm the skin and hair. It is made of the highest grade oil, and May even goes out to Morocco to ensure that the extraction process remains pure and unpolluted from start to finish.

Argan Liquid Gold are also the only Argan Oil company in the U.K. to have received fair-trade status for their continued work with Moroccan communities. May even works with various women throughout Morocco to encourage and help them to start their own co-operatives and begin a business within the trade.

The oil is packaged within a dark glass bottle, which helps to preserve the delicate balance of ingredients and high antioxidant count within the oil. This ensures that once it reaches you, its nutrition value remains the same as when it left Morocco.

Here is a brief introduction to the brand and why they are so amazing!

Our Top 3 Argan Oil Favourites

We love the entire Argan Liquid Gold collection, and now our bathroom cabinets are never without a bottle or two. However, we do have our favourite products, so we wanted to share these very special beauty miracles with you for you to enjoy too.

    You can view the entire Argan Liquid Gold Collection here on Lookfantastic too.

    Team LF
    Writer and expert
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