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Bodycare Trend Predictions 2024

Bodycare Trend Predictions 2024
Sheeva Fallahi
Beauty Editor1 month ago
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We lay out the bodycare buzzwords making waves in the industry: from inside-out beauty trends to ingredient-savvy supplements.


Trust Your Gut

As consumers continue to focus on inside-out beauty, gut health is set to flourish, with products that promise to balance our internal good bacteria with our external microbiome. Google Trends searches for ‘gut health’ queries has seen a 25% increase YoY. From prebiotic-powered supplements to vitamins enriched with fermented ingredients, the changing narrative towards bacteria sees a direct correlation between gut and skin health.

Adaptogens are herbs, roots and other plant-like substances - such as mushrooms – that present many wellness benefits: helping to manage our body’s response to stress, anxiety, fatigue, and boosting our overall wellbeing. The ‘mushroom boom’ is here to stay, with topical treatments like Origins Dr. Andrew Weil Mega-Mushroom Treatment Lotion Upgrade and savvy supplements like KIKI Health Organic Lion's Mane Extract Mushroom helping to maximise our wellness routines from within.


The Multi-Taskers

Offering both sustainability and convenience, the multi-benefit beauty trend is set to soar in 2024. In light of the current economic climate, beauty lovers are shopping smarter by taking a cost-conscious approach with products that will help them do more with less – without scrimping on quality. These hybrid heroes are being marketed as dual or multipurpose, spanning cross-category with innovative formulas that bridge the gap between luxury and high-performance.

Tapping into time-poor lifestyles, products that can be used across hair, skin and body aid efficiency in our routines. Packed full of revitalising properties, multifunctional formulas work to encourage healthy skin and hair from top to toe, with luxury houses like Hermès adopting the trend through bath and shower products that treat tresses whilst cleansing skin.


Mother & Baby Go Luxe

Products that promise to keep signs of ageing at bay and promote a youthful glow are often accompanied with taglines like ‘achieve baby-soft skin’. Now, this narrative is being flipped on its head, as preventative beauty takes on a newer meaning by targeting a much younger audience: babies. This year will see the expansion of the Mother and Baby category with luxury serums, lotions and creams specially designed to care for little ones as young as newborns. The phrase ‘start them young’ is apt, with searches for #babyfacial and #babyfacemassage proving popular on TikTok.

After luxury houses like Dior and Hermès launched “eau de senteurs”, a gentle perfumed water formulated to suit children’s sensitive skin, we’re expecting more brands to follow suit with a wider range of premium baby beauty products. As we welcome the generation where beauty-obsessed millennials become parents, we'll see them adapt their pamper routines to suit their offspring, with multi-step skin and body routines becoming second nature. Ingredient-conscious shoppers will treat their little ones to the same high-end products they use on themselves, with a ‘quality over quantity’ mentality.


The Skinification of Bodycare

Investing in our skin is extending to our bodies in 2024, where we’ll see more consumers choose bodycare enriched with premium ingredients that target specific concerns and skin types, dubbed the ‘body facial’. Just as retinol helps to banish the appearance of fine lines on your face, a new generation of treatments and products will emerge to deliver the same results for the skin on our bodies.

Mimicking the likes of the ‘clean girl’ and ‘cloud’ makeup trends, a more natural aesthetic will continue to evolve for the body image in 2024. The narrative of tweakments and surgical enhancements will see a shift, as more beauty brands develop products that promise to achieve the same goals via skin-loving formulas, including lotions that lift and serums that work to sculpt the tummy, thighs and arms.


Head to Glow

We’ve teamed up with Pinterest to predict the trends of tomorrow, today. And with a surge in LOOKFANTASTIC shoppers investing in top to toe beauty routines, the bodycare category will have a major moment in 2024. Exclusive to Pinterest Predicts, our Head to Glow trend takes skincare from the neck down and will see beauty lovers double down on luxury lotions, in-home spa experiences and that all-important SPF.

Sheeva Fallahi, Head of Campaign & Content at LOOKFANTASTIC, says: “'Skincare is self-care' will be the mantra of the year, as this trend amplifies the art of pampering through multi-step routines to deliver a well-earned radiance boost. Bath times will be elevated with skin-softening oils, whipped-to-perfection body soufflés and exfoliating scrubs – and skipping steps is so last year; post-shower bodycare routines will be enriched with moisturising creams and overnight treatments that will leave skin velvety smooth.

“The Head to Glow trend allows often neglected areas - like the chest, décolletage and feet – to earn some well-deserved TLC, as more brands produce innovative formulas specially targeted to revive, brighten and nourish.”


Lillie Ellis, Buying Director (Skin, Bodycare & Fragrance) at LOOKFANTASTIC, says:

""Expansion of our bodycare category will focus on two key priorities: supplements (aka. ‘beauty inside out’) and the ‘skinification’ of bodycare. Supplements has been an area that has seen year on year growth on LOOKFANTASTIC, equally gaining traction amongst celebrities with the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Vital Protein, and Chris Appleton and Revive Collagen. We are really expanding our offering in this space with some exciting supplements brands launching on LOOKFANTASTIC in the new year. This coupled with a 360 wellness campaign means that we can really educate our consumers about how the right supplements can support your health and beauty goals. The second area we are seeing increased demand for is the ‘skinification’ of bodycare – you don’t just have skin on your face, it’s on your body too and we can reap the same benefits we see from applying hyaluronic acid to your face, for example, on your body as well. More brands are bringing out newness in this area and if you haven’t heard of the most-talked-about 'Bum Bum Cream' then you’ve been living under a rock!""

Sheeva Fallahi
Beauty Editor
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