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In the Morning: A Glowing Skin Routine from Bobbi Brown

In the Morning: A Glowing Skin Routine from Bobbi Brown
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When it comes to a gorgeously radiant and healthy complexion, Bobbi Brown knows a thing or two. The brand prides themselves on showing off the skin's own natural beauty, which of course starts off with a glowing skin base.

If you have woken up feeling and looking a little more than fatigued, this glowing skin routine will perk your complexion right back up and get you prepped for a perfect makeup application.


Cleansing is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine. Not only does it help to freshen your skin, it prepares it for the other steps such as exfoliation and moisturisation.

Should I Cleanse in the Morning?

You might not think that a morning cleanse is essential; after all, you removed all your makeup the night before and you've only been asleep since. However, bacteria can lurk on your pillow from dead skin cells shedding each night, meaning if you want glowing skin, you need to cleanse everything away.

In addition, cleansing helps to keep the moisture from your creams and lotions locked in. This is because they are attracted to damp skin; locking in the hydration and keeping your skin healthy. So, always make sure you cleanse when you wake up; both you and your skin will feel better for it.

Bobbi Brown's Soothing Cleansing Milk is the perfect morning-time cleanse. Not only is it super gentle, but it helps to detoxify the skin with a blend of natural botanicals to leave it feeling refreshed and energised.

  • Natural oils including Sweet Almond, Jojoba and Avocado help to gently cleanse the skin and remove surface impurities.
  • Lavender Flower Complex soothes stressed out complexions and promotes great skin health; perfect for when your skin feels and looks a little tired.
  • Chia Seed Oil is loved by everyone from models to health experts, and in this Cleansing Milk, it helps to reduce skin redness.
  • Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids improve skin hydration and keep the skin well nourished.


Your morning beauty routine will usually end with you doing your makeup, and you wanting it to sit beautifully on the skin. Makeup only sits perfectly when the skin is smooth and soft, which ensures an even and flawless application.

One of the best ways to guarantee smooth skin is by using an exfoliator that buffs away dead skin cells and any dehydrated areas. This also allows the rest of the products in your routine to be absorbed much more easily and make a real difference to the health of your skin.

The Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for the Face have been especially formulated to deliver a brighter and more clarified complexion. Made with Japanese Adzuki Bean Powder, the exfoliant helps to remove impurities and dead skin cells, all while promoting healthy cell turnover and leaving you with glowing skin. Although it can be mixed with your cleanser, we love to mix this with water as an extra step to really awaken and refresh the complexion.


Once you have cleansed and exfoliated, it's time to add in a dose of hydration using a lightweight serum.

Many people make the mistake in thinking that in order to hydrate the skin, they need to use rich creams and lotions. Instead, it's better to layer individual lightweight products, that will not only add much needed moisture, but won't clog your pores or break you out.

Bobbi Brown's Hydrating Face Tonic immediately hydrates and revives tired and lacklustre skin. As it helps to restore the moisture balance of parched complexions, it also allows all your other treatments in your routine to absorb easily, and produce super soft, smooth and glowing skin.

It contains a blend of Aloe Leaf and Cucumber to soothe, while Chamomile helps to take down redness and Enriched Mineral Water fortifies dehydrated areas. Simply apply onto a cotton pad and sweep over the skin for beautiful results.


After you have hydrated with a lightweight serum, it's time to lock in a little goodness and fortify the skin's barrier.

What is a Skin Booster?

A skin booster is essentially an additional step in your routine to target what your skin needs at that particular time. Sometimes, if your skin is tired and a little lacklustre, it needs a dose of vitamins. At other times, it feels parched and uncomfortable and needs an injection of moisture.

A skin booster doesn't replace any part of your routine, it's an extra step, which just helps give your complexion a little boost of attention when it needs it the most.

The Bobbi Brown new Skin Remedies are essentially skin treatments. They have been formulated to deliver intense nutrition to your skin depending on its individual needs.

In the morning, we love to use the Skin Reviver, which is a powerhouse of antioxidants to revitalize and re-energise tired complexions. It contains a blend of Fermented Greens, Chlorella Extract and Energen Complex to brighten and give you gorgeously glowing skin.


You might think that with all the other hydrating elements in this routine, you can get away with skipping on this final step. However, environmental aggressors, pollution and stress can leave your skin feeling dehydrated without you even knowing, so ensuring you moisturise will mean your skin remains healthy and well conditioned.

However, we all know that applying a moisturiser and waiting for it to sink in can be too much of a time-consuming task in the morning. Luckily, one of Bobbi Brown's bestselling products combines the hydration element of a cream and the longevity of a primer so you can get your makeup on quickly.

The cult Vitamin Enriched Face Base contains Shea Butter to nourish, yet is completely oil-free to help prevent unwanted shine and breakouts. It melts into the skin quickly to leave behind a beautifully soft complexion which is prepped for your foundation or tinted moisturiser.

Enjoy this? Try our best bobbi brown products guide.

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