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Happy Birthday lookfantastic!

Happy Birthday lookfantastic!
Team LF
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In celebration of lookfantastic’s birthday month, we hosted a delightful pamper party with special treatments from top brands including: Illamasqua, Bobbi Brown, Oskia Skincare, Fudge and Omorovicza. Some extra special treats were also provided by Henna Manchester, Artsy Nibs and Holdens & Co Ice cream for the perfect finishing touch.

We were lucky enough to catch up with each brand who offered us some tips to help you get pampered and perfected ready for autumn...

Bobbi Brown

Well-known for products that are perfect to achieve a natural makeup look, Bobbi Brown is also famous for being able to create feather-light and perfected brows. We sat down with Pooja, Bobbi Brown international makeup artist, to ask her for her top tips to achieve the perfect eyebrow look.

Start by using skincare for brows from Bobbi brown – it will help them to grow and have fuller looking eyebrows naturally.  Use the Buffing grains to keep the skin smooth, and a  face oil to nourish, as any type of oil helps to achieve hair growth. Then using makeup, I always advise to start defining the shape you want with the Long wear Brow pencil add long wear Brow Gel to fill in the sparse areas. Finish by brushing through with the Bobbi Brown Waterproof Gel to lift individual hairs for a bushy effect.


Oskia is a brand from London, and its name derives from the ancient Greek language and means “delivering nutrients & beauty”.

This brand is all about giving the best nutrients you can find so that your skin is healthy and radiant. So of course, our first question to the brand was, what are the best tips to get a healthy and glowing complexion!

Feed your skin from the inside.

The skin is our largest organ and along with the rest of our body, it obtains vital nutritional elements from what we eat. A balanced diet is key - skin nutrition works best when applied from the inside as well as on the outside.

Never skip a cleanse!

Cleansing is arguably one of the most important steps in any skincare routine. It is important to cleanse skin every morning to remove any oils released over night and to prep skin for makeup application.

Keep your skincare routine consistent

Once you’ve got the perfect routine for your skin type all figured out, the next step is to keep things consistent.

Apply SPF

Even though the sun isn’t shining as bright at this time of year, we still need to protect our skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays which still penetrate throughout, even on the cloudiest days.


Set aside 15 minutes every week to pamper yourself. We like to spend this time with our Renaissance Mask to rejuvenate the skin, unclog pores and gently exfoliate whilst undoing the week’s stresses.


If you ever feel like experimenting with your hair, or just give your coloured hair a nice treat, then Fudge is the brand to go to.

We caught up with the brand to ask them about some of the best tricks if you want to go bold with your colour...

The best way to go a vibrant colour from blonde is quite simple you can simply apply a paint box colour to the current base. Going from a brown the hair would need to be pre-lightened to a blonde base and then apply the colour.


The famous skincare brand comes all the way from Budapest, and is a must-have for makeup artists, models and celebrities. Plus, we can't get enough of the Queen of Hungary Mist; a lovely facial spritz that refreshes, fixes makeup and soothes any redness.

We asked the brand what was the best way to do a facial at home; see the answer below...


This British brand was a wonderful treat at lookfantastic HQ, and the whole team got to experiment and try some new styles. In order to get the most out of the event we asked Nilofar Mussa - Head of Artistry,  some of the best tips to achieve a perfect contour.

Choose a cream or gel texture as this best mimics the look of natural skin. Gel Sculpt in Silhouette is my personal recommendation as it has a lovely translucency which allows light to emerge from within your contour.  Balance your contour with flesh and blush tones as this will make the illusion more believable. After applying your contour, use a peach tone blusher and follow this from the bottom of the cheekbone onto the apple of the cheek.  Make sure when working your contour to blend it right back into the hairline – you don’t want a floating line on the side of the face. With contouring, less is more. Start off with a subtle shadow beneath the cheekbone. Once you apply a touch of blusher, this will be enough to lift and secure your sculpt without overdoing it.

Henna Manchester

The lovely Hina, from Henna Manchester gave the girls at lookfantastic HQ a gorgeous henna artistry design.

So we asked her what was the best way to prep your skin before getting a Henna tattoo so we

Before applying henna the skin should be clean, free from any oils, creams or self tanning products. Clean skin allows the henna to develop fully, allowing for a dark and long lasting stain.

You can find Hina here on her website, on Facebook and on Instagram.


Artsynibs is a calligraphy and lettering studio owned by Joyce, a sort of super woman nowadays; she still believes in the beauty of pen and paper and delivers a handwritten element into every project that comes by.

We asked Joyce what embodies the perfect wedding invitation:

The perfect wedding invitation is one that is simple but still surprises with little details like the paper and calligraphy/printing.

You can find Artsynibs on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

Holdens & Co

Because it was our Birthday, we wanted to treat everyone to a little ice-cream. Made in England, and following a family recipe, we asked Lucy, who was present at the event to tell us a bit more about this lovely family affair company.

Holdens & Co. started as Holdens Noted Ices back in 1929 by John and Mary Holden. They made their now infamous, secret recipe, dairy ice cream on site at the shop in Edgworth village in Lancashire. As well as selling the ice cream in the shop they also took it out to village fetes and kept it frozen by going into town and buying blocks of ice and keeping it in sawdust to slow thawing. Jack, their middle son, took the business on and it’s popularity grew over his tenure into the well loved brand people know now. Jack passed away in 2008 and on leaving no heirs the family asked the closest person to family to take the business on. My father, Richard, is godson to Marion Holden and so took the on the mantel of maintaining the original recipe and growing the business for a new generation. Since 2010 the business has grown again and now in 2017 we have a new look brand and company name, a second site and plans for a new look shop coming this winter. It’s very exciting times for the company taking it out to a new and growing audience.

You can find Holdens&Co on their website and on Instagram.

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