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Celebrating Black History Month with Camille Rose

Celebrating Black History Month with Camille Rose
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October marks Black History Month, and this year LOOKFANTASTIC is celebrating the momentous event with Camille Rose. This is a time to commemorate the culture, history and achievement of African and Caribbean communities, and who is better to begin with than Janell Stephens?

Founder, creator, beauty guru, mother - Janell is the CEO of Camille Rose and queen of multitasking. Managing her business while raising five kids, she has a lot to teach us all.

Truly a story of inspiration, Camille Rose started from Janell’s small kitchen back in 2011. Although the brand is best known for its ground-breaking curly hair products, it all started with skincare. Janell’s children were suffering from severe eczema at the time, and nothing seemed to make it better. After taking her kids to every dermatologist she could find, Janell decided to take their health into her own hands.

Brewing her own concoctions, the master mixtress blended pure, organic and natural ingredients to care for her family’s hair and bodies. Choosing vegan botanicals rather than chemicals, Janell handmakes her products, living by the mantra that anything that's good for the body is good enough for your hair too.

What started out as a hobby blossomed like a love story. Family and friends started asking for Janell’s natural remedies, and soon enough her business flourished. In just three short years, her company morphed into a multi-million-dollar business, devoted to caring for the body holistically. Each and every batch is handmade with care, fuelled by botanical ingredients to align with Janell’s Vegan philosophy.

We were lucky enough to get to know Janell better in an exclusive interview, where we talk time management, girl bossing and mompreneuring.

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How did Camille Rose begin?
I sold my first Camille Rose product back in 2012, but I began researching for the ingredients in 2011. My kids were suffering from severe skin issues at the time, and so I was in desperate need to switch out the products I was using. When I started to read the labels, I realised I hadn't heard of most of the ingredients and couldn't even pronounce them. After this, I went on a quest for a lifestyle that was more natural for me and my family, and decided to make everything that we would use on our hair and bodies.
How do you manage your time, raising five kids alongside a business?
I manage my time by making sure I create a to-do list on a daily basis. Throughout the day, I check things off my list as I take care of them. I also set goals for myself, a method that helps me to multitask more efficiently. This way, I can make sure my days are productive and avoid wasting time on things that don’t matter.
What advice do you have for hopeful Girl Bosses out there?
My advice would be to JUST DO IT! It's a tried and true statement that has so much truth to it. Just get up and go for it! Every day put an effort towards your goal or vision. Invest in yourself and grow your brand organically.
What does black history month mean to you?
Black History Month, for me, is a time when those that have shown courage, leadership and determination can be celebrated. It's a time when our contributions to the world are recognized and taught to those who do not know true history. It makes me feel proud and feel as if Black History should be throughout the year, and not just one month of recognition.
Could you tell us more about how the work of the Janell Ennis Stephens Foundation?
The Janell Ennis Stephens Foundation was created to give back to those who are in need. I started by helping single moms because I couldn't imagine having to raise a kid alone. We give away $1,000 per month to support budding mompreneurs, helping some with bills and others with daycare expenses. We are looking to grow our foundation so that we can give back more.
What are your go-to products in the Camille Rose range?
My go-to is my signature collection! My hair can be dry and craves hydration, so it really benefits from these moisture-rich formulas. I love my Algae Renew Deep Treatment because it's so creamy, deeply penetrating the hair follicle and melting away tangles. My Curl Love Moisture Milk is an excellent leave-in and the Curl Maker defines my curls to provide lasting hold.
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