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Healthy Skin with Dermalogica

Healthy Skin with Dermalogica
Team LF
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We’re all familiar with the age old concept of cleansing, toning and moisturising: the traditional staples of an everyday skin care regimen. However, at Dermalogica, they recommend an essential regimen of cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturise as they believe this better supports healthy skin function.

Dermalogica are passionate about skin health for all, every skin type, colour and texture. Driven by a desire to share their expertise in all things skin, Dermalogica want to educate you on how to achieve your healthiest skin.

We caught up with Victoria Schofield, Education Executive for Dermalogica to talk about getting started with Dermalogica and the essential regimen steps.


The first step to healthy skin is to double cleanse in the morning and evening by washing, rinsing and repeat with your favourite Dermalogica cleanser. Alternatively, you can use PreCleanse as the first cleanse to achieve a superior level of clean. Being an oil, PreCleanse literally melts through make-up, dirt and pollution so your second cleanse can really treat the skin.

All Dermalogica cleansers are pH balanced to your skin, so they won't strip essential moisture and all can be rinsed with water leaving no residue behind. Try the ever popular Special Cleansing Gel, which is suitable for all skin conditions, and gently cleans away impurities without leaving skin feeling tight or dry.


Next in your quest for smooth, radiant skin is to exfoliate. Did you know we lose up to one million dead skin cells every minute? Your skin is constantly renewing itself in order to provide an adequately hydrated and protective shield. Gentle daily exfoliation, or what we like to call microfoliation supports this cell renewal process; keeping the skin functioning at its optimum level. The cult classic and best-selling Daily Microfoliant is suitable for all skins and is super quick and easy to use. The unique Rice based enzyme powder microfoliates dulling debris, instantly leaving skin smooth and bright.


The final steps in your daily essential regimen are to layer hydration, and in the daytime apply SPF protection.

A toner traditionally was used to remove residue of cleanser, usually with stripping and drying alcohols. Dermalogica cleansers leave no residue, plus we’re obsessed with skin health so our toners have always been about adding hydration, and not stripping it. Try Multi Active Toner, a light facial mist with moisture binding humectants to instantly hydrate and refresh the skin. You can even spritz it over makeup throughout the day to keep your face looking fresh.

Finally, apply a moisturiser to lock in moisture and protect the skins barrier from the environment. At Dermalogica, there’s a moisturiser for every skin condition. Even the oiliest of skin's need a light layer of hydration to help shield them from environmental aggressors.

  • Skin Smoothing Cream is Dermalogica’s most popular moisturiser. It’s medium weight so suitable for normal, combination, and even slightly drier skins. It contains Hyaluronic Acid; a natural moisture magnet found in the skin to combat dehydration lines and leave the skin feeling comfortable.
  • For daytime, you must always apply an SPF to protect the skin from ageing against damaging UV rays. Solar Defence Booster SPF 50 can be used alone or mixed in to your Dermalogica moisturiser for a customised SPF of 40 plus.

If this has inspired you to kick start your journey to healthy skin, try the Meet Dermalogica skin kit. It includes 30 days’ supply of Special Cleaning Gel, Daily Microfoliant, Skin Smoothing Cream and MultiVitamin Power Firm. Just what you need to get started on the road to your best skin yet!

Dermalogica also has other Skin kits to address the most common skin conditions from oily to dry to combination skin. These skin kits include 5 travel sized products, enough to last you 30 days, plus samples to ensure you get to see how Dermalogica can really change your skin for the better.

  • If you have combination skin, perhaps with some blackheads or under surface congestion, try the Normal/Oily Skin Kit. Along with key staples for cleansing, toning and moisturising, this kit includes the cult classic Skin Prep Scrub; an effective skin polisher to buff away congestion and skin cell build up. Use 2 to 3 times a week to get skin smooth and clear.
  • If you’re more on the oily side and suffer with congestion and the odd breakout, try the Oily Skin Kit. It contains the cooling and refreshing Dermal Clay Cleanser; perfect for drawing out impurities. Also included is Oil Control Lotion, an oil-free super light moisturiser that reduces surface shine.
  • For combination skins that feels a little tight or flaky try the Normal/Dry Skin Kit. Super hydrating products such as Multi Active Toner and Skin Smoothing Cream are included to quench your skin's thirst.
  • Finally, if your skin is really quite dry with fine lines and rough texture, try the Dry Skin Kit. It includes the creamy and nourishing Essential Cleansing Solution and the intensely moisturising Intensive Moisture Balance; rich in healing vitamins and botanicals to smooth away fine lines.

That Dermalogica glow is only a few weeks away, what are you waiting for?

Team LF
Writer and expert
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