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Banish Blemishes with the Murad Rapid Relief Spot Treatment

Banish Blemishes with the Murad Rapid Relief Spot Treatment
Team LF
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You know the ones. Spots that feel incredibly sore under the skin and you can tell are going to be huge craters when they erupt. Luckily, Murad's new Rapid Relief Spot Treatment has been formulated to take down the swelling in just 4 hours. Intrigued? So are we...

What does Murad's Blemish Gel do?

Murad's Rapid Relief Spot Treatment is a super strong gel, which when applied onto blemishes, reduces their size and redness in just 4 hours.

The gel itself is made with Salicylic Acid, which is a hero ingredient when it comes to battling any type of blemish or acne-prone skin. It helps to exfoliate the skin and clear away any dirt, debris, or dead skin cells that could be blocking your pores and causing increased swelling and redness.

It's also enriched with Pine and Thyme Extracts, which are incredibly cooling on the skin; perfect for when the blemish feels too sore to touch.

The Murad Rapid Relief Spot Treatment is also suitable to wear during the day under makeup as it dries into a clear gel that is virtually undetectable on the skin. So your complexion can stay healthy and protected without compromising on how flawless and even it looks.

Why do Blemishes Occur?

This is a tough question, and one that really depends on your individual lifestyle, skincare habits and genetics. Everyone is different when it comes to breaking out, so make sure you assess your own needs to try and find a solution that prevents spots from appearing.


This factor is probably one of the biggest causes of blemishes, and one that we don't really address when it comes to preventing them.

Your lifestyle encompasses everything from diet and stress, to sleep and cleanliness. For example, how often do you change your pillowcase, or wipe down your phone with an antibacterial wipe? Just think about all the places you put your phone, and where that bacteria is going when you answer a call...

Your pillowcase should be changed weekly. Your skin sheds dead cells every night, so waiting longer than a week to swap out another case puts you at risk of bacteria getting into your pores. Plus, clean bed sheets means a great night sleep. Which of course brings us onto your sleep pattern. Getting less than 7-8 hours of shut-eye at night will cause your skin to become stressed out and fatigued, which in turn lowers its resistance to bacterial invasion.

Diet is another big factor. Too much sugar and caffeine can raise insulin levels and produce sebum, causing your pores to become blocked. Don't deprive yourself of anything, but just keep it in moderation.

Skincare Habits

Again, this is another factor that can really cause you to breakout. If you are using skincare that's too strong for your skin type, it will cause it to become red, inflamed and spotty, so try and find products that work well for your individual needs.

On the other end of the spectrum, using minimal skincare can mean that you're not ridding your skin of the dirt, impurities and makeup it's battled through the day. So, choose a regimen that gently cleanses without stripping your skin.

Murad's Clarifying collection is ideal for any blemish-prone skin as it feels super gentle but also detoxifies and helps to keep the complexion clear. For individual blemishes, make sure you dab a little of their Rapid Relief Spot Treatment onto the area for a more targeted approach.


This is a factor you can't really change. If it's in your DNA to get blemishes, you're going to get them regardless. However, by adopting the above advice on your lifestyle and skincare routine, you'll be able to minimise their impact and damage, and with Murad's new Rapid Relief Spot Treatment, help them to go away much faster.

murad rapid relief spot treatment
Team LF
Writer and expert
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