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A Natural Sleep Aid Routine with ESPA

A Natural Sleep Aid Routine with ESPA
Team LF
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Holistic well-being is at the very heart of ESPA Skincare, with each product designed to bring your mind, body and skin into balance and harmony with each other.

Daily fatigue, environmental aggressors, heavy workloads and emotional stresses can leave us feeling imbalanced, which is reflected in our skin's appearance. When one part of your well-being is out of balance, you will notice it in other areas of your body too, such as with muscular tension, skin breakouts and inflammation.

To help you get your mind, body and skin back into balance, we have devised a natural sleep aid routine in collaboration with ESPA. to leave you feeling calmer and more relaxed.

Light a Candle

A candle helps to promote a relaxing and calming atmosphere. As they are infused with essential oils, they have an extremely positive effect on your mood and well-being.

While aromatherapy oils can take up to 20 minutes to enter through the skin, they only take 3-7 minutes to take effect on the body when inhaled. This means that it doesn't take long to feel soothed and calm after a candle has been lit; making it wonderful to light before a bath, so you feel relaxed before you get into the water.

The ESPA Soothing Candle contains essences of Rose Geranium, Sandalwood and Frankincense to help unwind and cocoon you in a spa-like experience for complete tranquility and peace.

Run a Bath

A warm bath can have incredibly soothing and calming effects on the body thanks to the gentle heat of the water.

For a relaxing nightly treatment, try the ESPA Soothing Bath Oil. Its deeply relaxing effects come from a quartet of ingredients including Sandalwood, MyrrhFrankincense and Rose Geranium, to help you switch-off and allow your mind and body to relax.

Apply a Hair Mask

Massage a small amount of the ESPA Pink Hair and Scalp Mud Mask into the scalp and down throughout damp hair.

Made with Red Clay, White Clay, Apricot Kernel Oil and Watercress, the mask helps to nourish the hair. You can either leave on for 20 minutes while you relax your body in the bath, or overnight if you want a more softening treatment.

Moisturise the Body

After using the Soothing Bath Oil, it's good to follow-up with the Soothing Body Oil.

Infused with Rose Geranium, Sandalwood, Myrrh and Frankincense, the oil helps to promote a restful night's sleep. Massage into the skin using upward strokes towards the heart.

Follow a Night-time Skincare Routine

After stepping out the bath, you can turn your attention and focus to your nightly skincare routine.

Spending time to remove makeup and impurities that have accumulated during the day can be a really relaxing experience that can contribute towards implementing a natural sleep aid routine.

  1. Start by using the ESPA Nourishing Cleansing Balm. It's great for most skin types, but if you have particularly acneic, oily or combination, use this only once a week to really deep cleanse the skin. Massage from your neck upwards.
  2. Pour a little of the ESPA Hydrating Floral SpaFresh Toner onto some cotton pads and sweep over the skin. It contains Rose Geranium, Neroli and Rose Damascena to hydrate the skin and soothe any areas of irritation.
  3. Apply 1-2 pumps of the ESPA Replenishing Eye Moisturiser; tapping from the inner part of the brow outwards. It contains Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil to keep the skin hydrated.
  4. For a relaxing skincare technique, warm a few drops of the ESPA Optimal Skin ProSerum in your hands and bring to the face so you inhale its soothing aroma. Smooth over the face, starting from the neck and working your way upwards. Turmeric is at the heart of the serum, and helps to brighten fatigued complexions.
  5. Apply a light layer of the ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy. It has been infused with Encapsulated Lavender, which releases its soothing properties 5 minutes after application to help you drift off into a good night sleep.
  6. To finish your routine, apply a light layer of the ESPA Nourishing Lip Treatment. Its oil based formula melts into the lips to plump up and moisturise, and helps to soothe any dehydration and irritation.
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