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Which are the best shampoos for thinning hair?

Which are the best shampoos for thinning hair?
Team LF
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As we age, it's only natural that our hair weakens and becomes a little thinner. Although it can happen to us at different stages of our lives, all of us will notice a change in the texture and volume of our hair as we get older.

Switching up your daily shampoo of choice is the first step to take when attempting to add fullness and body back into fine, thinning hair. Enriched with stimulating ingredients, shampoos designed for thin hair encourage hair growth and are infused with texturising agents to add much needed lift back into thinning tresses.

We've gathered together an edit of our favourite body-boosting shampoos to help you to add fullness to your locks and create the illusion of thicker, more volumious hair.

5 of the best shampoos for thinning hair

  1. Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Shampoo Intense
  2. Bumble and bumble Full Potential Shampoo
  3. KLORANE Flax Fibres Shampoo
  4. Phyto Phytodensia Plumping Shampoo
  5. Kérastase Densifique Bain Densite

Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Shampoo Intense

Formulated with Amino Acids, Biotin and Caffeine, Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Shampoo works to boost the thickness and fullness of your locks. Hair is visibly denser after use as advanced technology supports the hair follicles to promote healthy-looking hair. With a gentle yet effective cleansing action, the shampoo does not weaken or overwhelm your hair which is ideal for slow-growing, thinning hair types. Suitable for even colour-treated hair, Hair Density Shampoo will leave your locks looking denser and fuller.

Bumble and bumble Full Potential Shampoo

Invigorate, strengthen and boost your hair and scalp while you cleanse with Bumble and bumble Full Potential Shampoo. Dveeloped specifically for fine, lack-lustre locks, the lightweight shampoo lifts impurities and excess oil and lightly exfoliates to create an optimal scalp environment, encouraging hair growth. Your hair will be more manageable, easier to style and left looking and feeling fuller.

KLORANE Flax Fibers Shampoo

Free from silicones, parabens and SLS, KLORANE Flax Fibers Shampoo gently transforms thin, lifeless hair, volumising your roots and adding much needed texture and definition to your locks. Fortified with Organic Flax Fiber harvested in the South West of France, the luxurious shampoo naturally thickens the hair to leave your locks with gorgeous body and shape.

Phyto Phytodensia Plumping Shampoo

Treat your fine, flat hair to Phyto Phytodensia Plumping Shampoo, an advanced cleansing treatment which thickens and boosts lack-lustre locks. Enriched with Vernonia and Grape Extracts, the lightweight shampoo sweeps away impurities and oils whilst stimulating the scalp to promote hair growth. A blend of Hyaluronic Acid and Acacia Collagen also work in the formula to plump each strand of hair, creating the illusion of fuller-bodied locks.

Kérastase Densifique Bain Densite

Enhance the natural fullness of your hair with Kérastase Densifique Bain Densite. Specially designed and formulated for lifeless, thinning hair, the shampoo effectively cleanses whilst working to improve the body, texture and strength of fine hair. Hyaluronic Acid is present in the formula to plump the hair with moisture while Ceramides boost the strength and fuller texture of your locks. Hair will be left looking voluminous and feeling stronger.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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