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The New Beauty Brands to Watch

The New Beauty Brands to Watch

With new beauty brands popping up all the time, it can be hard to know which ones to try out first. If you’re looking to try something new, we’re sharing the new beauty brands and products that we think are going to be huge. These are the ones to watch!

10 Up and Coming Beauty Brands

  1. Oskia
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    Oskia are one of those slightly under the radar brands, but we don’t think they will be for long.

    Oskia are all about luxurious skincare with high quality ingredients. Their core ingredient is MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane). This is a form of the mineral Sulphur, which is essential in cell regeneration.

    The Oskia range has become known for how it makes skin look radiant and feel healthy and with bloggers and industry experts raving about their Renaissance Cleansing Gel, we think this is a skincare brand to keep an eye on.


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  2. Love Boo
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    Love Boo

    It is a nightmare that when you’re pregnant, one of the times when you are most in need of a pamper, there are so many beauty products that aren’t suitable.

    Love Boo use natural ingredients to make mother and baby safe beauty products that nurture your skin as well as helping tackle the specific issues that motherhood can bring.

    Having just won the Beauty Shortlist Awards for not just 1, but 5 products this month, their products really work and will take you right from your first trimester to after baby arrives. Treat yourself to a gift set and discover for yourself!

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  3. Ila-Spa
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    Here at Lookfantastic, we love a little DIY spa day and Ila-Spa is the brand we always want to have in our bathrooms.

    Ila-Spa are all about sustainable, ethical luxury. The founder Denise sources ingredients from some of the most remote locations in the world before they are blended together in their converted barns in the Cotswolds to products like their Face Scrub for Glowing Radiance.

    With the current trend for all things natural, this is the brand to try out for incredible smelling, effective natural beauty products that will leave you radiating with calm and happiness.

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  4. MDMflow
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    Started by founder Florence when she was just 18 years old, MDMflow is all about bold, beautiful colour.

    With their signature golden packaging, the MDMflow products are all about incredible makeup basics- rich lip colours and inky black mascara.

    This young brand is already making waves, with mentions from Vogue already under their belt. Get your hands on one of their handmade Semi-Matte lipsticks to see what the fuss is all about.


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  5. Tria
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    Hair removal isn’t the most glamorous side of the beauty industry, but for many it is an essential part of their routine.

    Tria are allowing you to take laser hair removal into your own hands. Their Hair Removal Laser 4X uses with dermatologically tested, innovative technologies for the best results from the comfort of your own home.

    We are seeing a lot of buzz over Tria and with their amazing accreditations, we can see why. Move over Gillette!

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  6. PAYOT
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    French skincare brands are incredibly popular and whilst a lot of us might have heard of La Roche Posay and Vichy, there are so many more brands out there.

    One that we think are going to be huge are PAYOT. Originally started in 1920, the brand has a rich history developing facial massage techniques to boost skincare results and was one of the first brands to open a spa in France. Now they are still developing up-to-the-minute products, like the Perform Lift Eye Contour Patches.

    Still relatively unknown outside of France, PAYOT products are incredibly effective, luxurious and accessible; a must-try for any skincare lover.

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  7. Karin Herzog
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    Karin Herzog

    With mentions in Vogue, InStyle and Grazia, Karin Herzog is definitely a brand on the rise.

    This skincare brand is focused around oxygenating the skin. Products like the Vita-A-Apricot Anti Ageing Cream contain oxygen to boost cell function, hydrating and plumping the skin.

    The way these products help transform skin from the inside out means that there are already a host of celebrity fans, including Victoria Beckham and Uma Thurman. Follow their lead and be one of the first to try the brand.

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  8. WunderBrow
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    Eyebrows have become an essential part of makeup and we know we aren’t the only ones that are always on the lookout for the next best brow product.

    The hunt might just be over with WunderBrow. Their 1-Step Brow Gel has started making waves in the beauty world because of its long lasting, natural results. It uses hair-like fibres and a flexible, pigmented gel formula to make your brows look perfectly shaped for up to 3 days!

    Already getting notice from big name publications like ELLE Magazine, the WunderBrow range is a beauty fanatic’s dream.

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  9. SHOW Beauty
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    SHOW Beauty

    For glamorous, decadant haircare, look no further than SHOW Beauty.

    Founded by Tamara Ecclestone, SHOW Beauty is only available at exclusive retailers like Harrods (and Lookfantasic of course!). The gorgeous packaging makes finishing off your hairstyle so much more luxurious, and you have to try them to believe the results.

    With products like the Divine Thickening Mist, there is every styling product you could need and we hear a full collection of haircare including shampoos and conditioners is set to launch. There’s going a LOT of talk about this one!

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  10. Aurelia
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    Aurelia are changing the skincare game with their incredible formulations using probiotics.

    Developed using advanced probiotic technology, the products like the Revitalise and Glow Serum help manage inflammation, boosting cell metabolism and fighting the signs of ageing.

    All packaged in beautiful feminine packaging (those pink bows!), it is no surprise that this brand is already gathering a cult following.

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