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Why you need the NIOD Sanskrit Saponins Cleanser

Why you need the NIOD Sanskrit Saponins Cleanser
Team LF
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The NIOD Sanskrit Saponins Cleanser, like all other NIOD products, has become a bit of a cult skincare star. Underneath the sleek packaging and simple colour palette lies a cleanser that rescues any type of problem skin, and helps to give you a glowing complexion.

While you may be thinking this sounds like every other cleanser out there, you are (fortunately) mistaken. What makes this product so very different lies in its organic makeup. NIOD are well known for producing unique skincare, but this cleanser surpasses them all.

What is the NIOD Sanskrit Saponins Cleanser?

In one word; the NIOD Sanskrit Saponins Cleanser is revolutionary. In order to understand what makes it so special however, you need to delve into its formula.

The soufflé-like texture of the cleansing balm is packed with something called Plant Saponins, which are unlike any other ingredient. In order to effectively cleanse the skin, a lot of products use acids and exfoliants, which can cause irritation. Plant Saponins on the other hand, cleanse away impurities, dirt and oil without stripping the skin.

By taking away surface oil, including the own that your skin produces, your cells are able to breathe and become less congested. As a result, if you are prone to dullness or the occasional breakout, this cleanser is absolutely brilliant.

The cleanser itself is also PH balanced, meaning it won't irritate sensitised or red complexions. By respecting the natural equilibrium of your skin, it works in harmony to give you incredible results that don't cause dryness, tightness or breakouts.

How to use the NIOD Sanskrit Saponins Cleanser

Unlike most cleansers, the NIOD Sanskrit Saponins is only to be used once every other day, thanks to its powerful detoxifying abilities. As it works to really give the complexion a deep clean, it needs to be alternated with your regular cleanser to prevent over-stimulating the skin.

The most important thing to remember however when it comes to using this product however, is to always use it as your second cleanse. It is intended to offer a deep clean, so needs to be used on skin that has already had makeup removed.

  1. Remove makeup with a first cleanser, such as the NIOD Low-Viscosity Cleaning Ester.
  2. Massage the cleanser into your hands to warm it up.
  3. Rub onto cleansed skin and massage in for 3 minutes to really work the cleanser into your pores.
  4. Follow with your moisturiser.
Team LF
Writer and expert
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