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5 Scandinavian beauty secrets you need to know

5 Scandinavian beauty secrets you need to know
Team LF
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Scandinavian women are known for having beautifully clear, radiant skin. Despite the harsh weather conditions they endure, Scandinavian complexions are always hydrated and glowing.

To help you achieve the skin of your dreams, we have gathered together some of the beauty secrets Scandinavian beauties swear by to keep their complexions healthy, smooth and radiant.

Hydration, hydration, hydration

All Scandinavian women know that hydrating their skin is so important, particularly because of the harsh weather conditions they are exposed to. Layering hydration is key to achieving a glowing, luminous complexion so using multiple moisture-boosting products is the first step towards radiant skin.

The Finnish brand Lumene has taken inspiration from the best Nordic ingredients to create a line aimed towards replenishing and rejuvenating the complexion. The complete Lumene Lädhe range has been developed to add much needed hydration back into the complexion.

For truly quenched skin, begin by applying Lumene Nordic Hydra Lähde Aqua Lumenessence Beauty Lotion only cleansed skin using your hands. Pat and press the product into the skin, boosting circulation and adding the first layer of hydration onto your skin. Follow up with the Lumene Nordic Hydra Lähde Hydration Rescue 24H Replenishing Balm. When massaged into the skin, the rich moisturiser will penetrate deep down below the surface of the skin, deeply hydration to keep your complexion smooth, soft and supple for up to 24 hours.

Go natural

Natural ingredients are at the centre of many Scandinavian beauty routines, particularly those derived from ingredients found in Nordic countries. Packed with skin-loving vitamins and minerals, these natural ingredients help to replenish and care for the skin, leaving a glowing, healthy complexion.

The BIOEFFECT Volcanic Ash Exfoliator is fortified with Micro-Crystalline Lava from Iceland helps to deeply cleanse the skin, gently yet effectively lifting away dead skin cells. Used frequently, the exfoliator will leave your skin refined, refreshed and radiant.

Lumene harness the power of Arctic Cloudberry in their Valo range to brighten and perk up the complexion. As Arctic Cloudberry Seed Oil penetrates deep below the surface of the skin, the Lumene Valo Nordic C Arctic Berry Cocktail Brightening Hydra-Oil nourishes the skin from the inside out. When applied after cleansing each day, the Hydra-Oil promotes a supple, glowing complexion.

Protection is paramount

Scandinavian women understand the need for sun protection all year round. Wearing an SPF is so important if you want to upkeep the smooth, flawless appearance of your skin. As sun damage can lead to dullness and pigmentation, including an SPF or a moisturiser which includes sun protection is so important to keep your complexion healthy.

To protect your skin, apply a layer of Lumene Invisible Illumination Kaunis Instant Glow UV Primer SPF30 to your skin. The fast-absorbing, lightweight formula glides onto the skin, actively protecting your skin from external aggressors and UV rays whilst adding a natural-looking radiance.

Skip the foundation

Although most Scandinavian women have flawless, glowing complexions, they frequently give foundation a miss. Putting more emphasis on a full, considered skincare routine, many let their natural skin show, showing off their radiant, smooth complexions. Going make-up free a couple of days a week is proven to help your skin and can help to give you the confidence to go bare-faced a little more often.

If you feel as though you need some coverage but don’t want to wear a full foundation, try a skincare-makeup hybrid product like the Lumene Invisible Illumination Instant Glow Beauty Serum. Packed full of skin-loving ingredients and providing a sheer, natural-looking coverage to the skin, it is the perfect product for those not quite ready to give up their base products.

Skincare goes beyond the face

Not only do many Scandinavian women have beautiful complexions, many have gorgeous hair too. Understanding that skincare should go beyond the face and the importance of scalp care is key to achieving long, silky tresses.

Sachajuan, a Swedish cult haircare brand, developed their Scalp Treatment to care for and nourish dry, flaking scalps. As the cold harsh weather can also effect the skin on our scalp, taking care the delicate skin is vital to hair health and growth. Sachajuan Scalp Treatment is enriched with Rosemary Oil and Ginger Extract to maintain the moisture balance of the hair and scalp, helping to calm, soothe and create the optimal scalp environment for healthy hair growth.

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