Save Summer Hair with System Professional

Save Summer Hair with System Professional

Summer hair is notoriously difficult to manage. Sun, sea, salt and sand can all wreak havoc on our precious locks and leave them looking less than lustrous.

While you can use your regular shampoo and conditioner, sometimes you need more targeted treatments that make a visible difference to your hair’s look and feel. System Professional’s Solar range has been especially formulated for just that.

Each product in the collection is infused with the brand’s exclusive Helioguard Complex, which shields against UV damage. If you have coloured hair, this is absolutely essential, as UV rays can actually cause dulling and colour loss.

How does the Sun Affect the Hair?

Both UVA and UVB rays are damaging for the hair. As they are so strong, they can break down the natural pigment in your hair, otherwise known as Melanin, and as such find it even easier to break down added coloured pigment.

Melanin helps to actually protect your hair against UV damage, but when it gets damaged itself in the process, it then leaves your hair open to becoming dry, dull and generally unhealthy.

System Professional’s exclusive Helioguard Complex helps to protect against these UV rays; shielding your locks from their potential damage.

However, the System Professional Solar range goes way beyond simply protecting the hair; it helps to nourish and condition.

The System Professional Ingredients

  • Glycerin: This ingredient has long been used in many a skincare product for its ability to hydrate and keep hold of moisture. In haircare, it helps to regulate moisture levels and keep each fibre continuously hydrated.
  • Cationic Polymers: These polymers help to restore damaged fibres and condition dehydrated areas.
  • Amino Acid Histidine: Keratin is a key ingredient in healthy hair, but lifestyle, age and genetics can deplete it. The Amino Acid Histidine present in the Solar range helps to rebuild the Keratin in fibres to get them strong and healthy again.
  • Dl-Panthenol: This is a naturally moisturising ingredient that keeps your hair soft, swishy and shiny.



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