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The best halal beauty brands to invest in 

The best halal beauty brands to invest in 
Hannah Pourhady
Writer and expert2 months ago
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From perfectly-lined eyes to immaculately manicured hands, it’s no secret that Muslim women love to indulge in self-care beauty routines. However, it can be hard to curate the ideal collection of products.

Many mainstream cosmetics brands contain ingredients that are ‘haram’ (that means forbidden in Arabic!), according to Islamic beliefs and teachings. For example, alcohol, pig-derived collagen, gelatin or pig-derived fat are not allowed, as the religion is strict that no harm or abuse be caused to animals for the sake of beauty.

But if you think choosing halal means you must compromise on pigment, quality or shade selection, think again! Read on as we explain what exactly makes a beauty brand certified as halal, and curate the best products that you should be investing in.


What does it mean to be a ‘halal beauty brand’?

When applied to cosmetics, halal beauty means that the products have only been manufactured with ingredients allowable by Islamic religion. In addition to being cruelty-free, halal beauty products cannot contain any alcohol, animal products or by-products. So, it can be argued that many halal brands are not only suitable for Muslims, but vegans too! Some beauty essentials, such as “breathable” nail polish are also specially created so that they can be worn during wudu (washing before prayer).


What ingredients should be avoided?

If a product isn’t clearly labelled as ‘halal’, there’s a few main ingredients that you’ll need to avoid:


Also known as glycerine or glycerol, it is a colourless and odourless liquid generally found in skincare products due to its moisturising properties. However, as a by-product of animal fat, the ingredient is considered haram (forbidden in Arabic).

Oleic Acid

Found in various cosmetic creams, soaps and paste, oleic acid is a cleansing agent made from fatty acids that is often derived from animals, such as pigs.

Lanolin Alcohol

Another animal by-product, lanolin alcohol is a non-drying substance that helps protect the skin from moisture loss, but is often produced from the fat of wool sheerings.


The best halal beauty brands you need to invest in



A self-professed ‘clean’ beauty brand, INIKA Organic is entirely halal certified. From perfecting foundations to smoothening eye creams, the Australian brand offers pure formulas free from animal products. For a brighter, illuminated complexion, try the INIKA Organics Liquid Foundation. Enriched with green tea extract and argan oil, the foundation helps to achieve a flawless finish with a lightweight yet creamy texture that blends into your skin seamlessly.


Established in 2012, Nailberry began as a luxury nail bar in London. Founder Sonia Hully noticed that more women were visiting her successful nail bars with chipped and damaged nails. She decided to create her own set of high-end polishes that were much more resilient than the ones already on the market.

Certified halal, vegan and cruelty free, Hully’s award-winning formula features the patented L’Oxygéné technology. From classic reds to shimmering metallics and muted nudes, the brand offer a collection of water-permeable yet long-wearing nail polishes that are suited to be worn during wudu (washing before prayer) and namaz (prayer).



Known for innovation and creation, INGLOT were of the first brands to offer ‘breathable’ nail polish. Now, their collection includes a diverse range of breakthrough products and beauty must-haves, as they are proudly PETA listed and cruelty-free, while the vast majority of products are also halal certified.

The finely-milled Inglot Loose Powder formula is an MUA favourite and the perfect accompaniment to any makeup look, as it instantly absorbs excess shine, leaving a fresher, velvet matte finish.

Hannah Pourhady
Writer and expert
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Coming from a large family of mainly women has made me passionate about all things beauty; from routines passed down from my grandmother, to trying the latest products and trends. Starting over 7 years ago when I was an MUA at MAC Cosmetics, my love for makeup has now evolved into making sure my skincare creates the perfect canvas for any look. I love anything that can make my skin feel fresh & bright while accentuating my features – Bobbi Brown's Face Base is my favourite at the moment! My makeup sits so beautifully on top and make my skin feel so fresh and hydrated!