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How To Apply Blusher: The Ultimate Guide To Blush

How To Apply Blusher: The Ultimate Guide To Blush
Hollie Bradbury
Writer and expert3 years ago
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Sometimes the subtlest of changes can make the biggest differences and that is definitely the case when it comes to blusher. The placement on your face and how you apply it can contribute to different looks Here, we’ll be explaining how to effectively apply blusher in 5 different ways, from subtle flushes of colour to bolder blush looks.

How to choose the right blusher

To really enhance your makeup, choose a blusher that compliments your skin tone. For example, if you have fair skin, a pale pink or pale lilac blush will work well. If you have medium-toned skin choose a peach-toned blush. If you have olive skin, a brighter pink tone will look lovely and if you have dark skin a bright and radiant blush will look beautiful. The right tone of blush can really make or break a beautiful makeup look.

Next, consider the formula that works harmoniously with your skin type. If you have skin that is typically on the dry side, a powder blush will work best. If you have more normal to combination skin, a cream blush formula is best. And if you have oily skin, a cheek stain will be the most suitable for your skin type.

The best blusher

The best liquid blush

For a long-wearing, lightweight and natural blusher, the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Blush is a water-resistant formula that offers a streak-free and blendable finish. The oil-free formulation creates a dewy sheen all thanks to nourishing Vitamin E.

The best powder blushes

The NARS Cosmetics Blush is infused with transparent pigments and is available in a variety of shades in both matte and shimmering finishes. Create an effortless natural-looking flush thanks to micro ionised powder and glow your way through the day.

For a long-lasting, silky blusher, the EX1 Cosmetics Blusher blends seamlessly into your skin for a brightening pop of colour or a subtle wash. For an illuminating flush, this blush can work on every skin tone - a truly diverse product.

The best stain blush

A beauty bag icon, the benefit Bene Tint Rose Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain offers a stunning English rose look. This beautiful sheer tint offers a tiny that you can use both on your cheeks and on your lips for a matching rosy glow.

How to apply blusher

So now that you’ve chosen your blusher shade and blush formulation of choice, it’s time to start applying your blusher. Here are 5 easy steps towards the perfect blush application.

  1. Start by prepping your skin with a makeup primer to create the perfect base for your base and blusher application.
  2. Choose your blusher brush carefully. Fan brushes are amazing for applying in lines along cheekbones, fluffier round brushes work best for on the apples of cheeks and stippling brushes help blend cream formulas.
  3. Always tap off the excess. With a blush, the essential thing is to build up slowly. Make sure your brush isn’t overloaded by tapping or dabbing off the excess before you apply to your face.
  4. Don’t smile when you apply. This is what you are usually told to do to find the apples of the cheeks but because of the way it can wrinkle the skin and raise the face, it can mess up the evenness of your application and where you wanted to apply.
  5. Blend, blend and blend some more. Blending the edges of your blush is the key to getting that gorgeous natural flush. If you are also applying highlighter and contour, they should all blend seamlessly together with no harsh lines.

Where to apply blusher: The best professional techniques

Want to experiment with different blusher looks? With everything from the basic application, to the latest draping trend, read on to learn the different methods.

The Traditional Method

This method is the one that almost everyone tends to do, with colour along the cheekbones and onto the apples of the cheeks. It suits everyone and looks very pretty. To get the, apply your blush starting from your hairline just by your ear, down the cheekbones and then swirl onto the apples of the cheeks.

The Apple Pop Method

A pop of colour focused on the apples of the cheeks gives a fresh, youthful and sweet look. It can help to widen longer, narrower faces but we think this is a pretty one for everyone. For this look, start applying blush from the apples of the cheeks and blend upwards in circular motions to soften.

The Defining Method

Blush placed just below the cheekbones is a beautiful way to add subtle shape and definition to the face with blusher, perfect for wider faces or accentuating heart shapes.

To get the look, apply blush with a fan brush in a straight line just above the hollow of the cheek, blending towards the mouth.

The Fashion Method

A more adventurous look, this is where you place blush high up on the cheekbones, almost by the eyes. It is loved on the catwalks and works to emphasise the cheekbones. For this method, apply blush at the hairline at the top of the cheekbones in an arc up over the temples. You want to blend it in ‘c’ shape almost by the eyes.

The Draping Method

Draping is a big beauty trend right now, but it actually is an old method, often associated with the makeup artist Way Bandy, who worked on icons like Cher and Farrah Fawcett. Essentially, it is contouring with blush and highlighter and it was huge in the 80s. At the moment, it feels like a fresh take on contouring, adding colour and radiance.

To get the look, you need 2 shades of blush, 1 lighter and 1 darker.

  1. Using a fan brush, start with the darker shade and apply just under the cheekbones, starting at the ear and moving towards the mouth. Make sure you only blend up over the cheekbones, not down.
  2. Then you can apply the lighter colour just above that, higher on the cheekbones, helping to soften and blend.
  3. Finally, a touch of highlighter on the very tops of the cheekbones finishes the look. All 3 should be well blended together so there are no harsh edges or lines.

There’s no better way to than to create a youthful glow than by applying a pop of blush to your cheeks. Which is your favourite?


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