Beauty Remedies For Dull Skin

Beauty Remedies For Dull Skin

If you have had a particularly hectic week (post London Fashion Week!), or are generally feeling a little run-down, your skin is almost always certainly the first to show the signs. It can breakout, look fatigued and dark circles start to appear, leaving you looking less than refreshed. Luckily, we have the best beauty remedies for dull skin that you need to get back to your usual self…

Top 10 Skincare Remedies For Dull Skin

While these beauty remedies will get you glowing, we still recommend getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night as this will give your complexion an incredible radiance.

If you haven't yet tried the cult beauty product that is Pixi's Glow Tonic, you might want to put in on your next "to try" list. It contains a base of 5% Glycolic Acid to gently exfoliate the skin without causing irritation, while Aloe Vera soothes and protects. The result is a glow unlike we have ever seen.

If you like to use a physical exfoliant, this one from Origins feels like it's really working on the skin! It contains a base of Papaya and Fruit Acids to gently slough away surface debris and dead skin cells, and leaves you looking a million times better, trust us.

If you love to use face masks and need one that will give you an instant radiance boost, try Peter Thomas Roth's Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. It contains an AHA to dissolve all the impurities sitting on your skin, and Aluminium Oxide Crystals, which are used in Microdermabrasion treatments to give you a glowing complexion.

Lancôme's Energie de Vie collection has taken the beauty world by storm, but our favourite product has to be the Sleeping Mask. We love that you can use a thin layer as a nighttime moisturiser, or apply a thicker amount and it can be used as an overnight sleep treatment. The name gives it away, but this really does boost your skin's energy!

If you have dull and fatigued skin but are still super busy, spritz it with Caudalie's Beauty Elixir. It contains refreshing and uplifting notes of Mint to instantly revive the complexion and leave it looking a lot healthier. It's great for travelling with too, to combat lacklustre skin caused by flying.

If you have sensitive skin but need something that will nourish and brighten, Perricone MD might just be your answer. It's a hypoallergenic moisturiser, meaning it won't cause irritation or aggravation, and is brilliant for stressed-out skin that needs a radiance boost,

One of the first sings of dulling skin is dark circles so combatting them will leave you feeling a lot brighter and more refreshed. The Vichy Aqualia Thermal Eye Awakening Balm is enriched with Sugars, Hyaluronic Acid and Caffeine to brighten, hydrate and revitalise the delicate skin under the eyes.

Sensitive skin can suffer the most from dulling skin as it can be difficult to find products that will buff away dead skin cells without causing irritation. The Lancer Polish for Sensitive Skin uses Pumpkin and Pomegranate Extracts to slough away surface debris, leaving you with a brighter and healthier complexion.

The Dr. Andrew Weil by Origins is one of our favourite beauty collaborations, and this Skin Illuminating Lotion is perfect for brightening dull skin. It contains Rosa Roxburghii, which is naturally rich in Vitamin C to instantly add radiance, while Essential Fatty Acids work to moisturise, reduce water loss and banish signs of fatigue.

This mask from Chantecaille feels super nourishing on the skin thanks to its rich and creamy texture. It contains Rosewater and Evening Primrose Oil which refresh the skin and leave it glowing, helping to combat the effects of late nights and stress. It is also free from harmful chemicals, making it ideal to use on all skin types, including sensitive.



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