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Benefits Of Grape Seed Extract For The Skin

Benefits Of Grape Seed Extract For The Skin
Team LF
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You might think of grapes as a treat on Friday night (Merlot anyone?), but the actual skincare benefits of Grape Seed Extract are just as enjoyable too.

Grape Seed Extract is actually what's left behind from the wine-making process in the vineyards. Once the juice has been extracted from the grapes, the extract and seeds remain to be used by the beauty industry.

The Benefits Of Grape Seed Extract: The Nutrients

There are many benefits to using products containing Grape Seed Extract in your skincare regime as it contains many powerful nutrients. All of these nutrients help towards giving you a healthier, more radiant and hydrated complexion.

benefits of grape seed extract for the skin

Oligomeric Procyanidins (OPC's)

These are bio-flavonoids, which are predominantly found in plants and trees. As they are found in the outer layer of the seeds, it is believed that they help to protect the delicate nutritional balance of the seed from environmental aggressors such as pollution, UV damage and oxidation.

They are extremely powerful antioxidants, and therefore help to protect the skin from damage and premature signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles, which are caused by free radicals that wreak havoc on cells.


This is a naturally occurring and powerful antioxidant, which has a vast amount of beneficial properties for the skin. Not only can it help to prevent against environmental damage such as UV rays and oxidative stress, it can also protect skin cells from inflammation.

This makes it an excellent nutrient for anyone looking for anti-ageing skincare benefits as it helps to combat those damaging free radicals that cause your skin to lose elasticity, radiance and suppleness. Topically, Resveratrol can help to improve the production of Collagen and reduce cell damage, making it great to use when your skin really needs a pick-me-up.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA)

Although it isn't actually an AHA, Grape Seed Extract acts in very similar way when applied topically to the skin. This helps to seriously improve the overall tone and condition of your skin by exfoliating and nourishing at the same time.

By treating the skin cells, it helps to strengthen Collagen production and therefore improve elasticity within the skin's structure. This gives an overall more supple, soft and youthful appearance to your complexion, which is great if you are looking to fight the signs of ageing.

AHA's also help to keep moisture within the cells, thereby keeping your skin hydrated and plump. This will help to prevent dryness and damage, wrinkles, breakouts and dullness.

Top 5 Grape Seed Extract Beauty Products

T benefits of Grape Seed Extract are innumerable, and can help to give you gorgeously glowy and radiant skin. We have selected our top 5 products to help you get on board with this wonder ingredient...

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    Team LF
    Writer and expert
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