Pro in the Know: What is the Best Way to Look After Coloured Hair?

Pro in the Know: What is the Best Way to Look After Coloured Hair?

Alot of us spend a lot of money getting our hair colour dyed just how we like it and sometimes it can feel like the colour fades all too quickly. We’re asking the experts at Paul Mitchell to fill us in on their secret for keeping hair colour salon-fresh.

Victoria Panting is a Salon Manager and Paul Mitchell Art Team Member. She works with Paul Mitchell’s education team to help train hairstylists with the latest and best skills for incredible results.

This is what she has to say about looking after your hair colour.

How to Keep Your Hair Colour Looking Its Best

It is always wise to protect your hair colour investment – after all, you wouldn’t wash a cashmere jumper in Fairy Liquid!

Ensure that you use colour care products with UV and thermal protection such as the Ultimate Color Repair 3-part system from Paul Mitchell to keep the colour vibrant and the hair healthy for longer.

Heat styling as well as frequent washing are the main causes of colour fade. Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue has added heat protection to preserve colour and protect fragile locks.

Try using it on wet hair before you blow-dry for vibrant hair colour for up to nine weeks and invest in a good dry shampoo such as Dry Wash to avoid washing your hair every day.



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