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The best shampoos for bleached hair

The best shampoos for bleached hair
Holly James
Beauty Writer3 years ago
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Post last updated: 15/03/2023

Whether you colour your hair at home or visit the hairdressers, it is important to look after dyed or highlighted hair. The colouring process can cause strands to become weak and damaged, which is why hair experts recommend products specifically formulated for colour-treated hair.


How to care for bleached blonde hair

Whether you’re a fair head au naturel or have stepped it up with blonde highlights we show you how to care for bleached blonde hair.

2 years agoBy Ellie Taylor

How often should you wash bleached hair?

How often you should wash your bleached hair can differ from person to person. Those with shorter hair may require more frequent washes (every 2 days), while those with longer hair can go a bit longer (every 3 to 4 days). It is important to not wash your hair for up to 72 hours after you bleach it as the new colour will need time to seal in.

Our top 10 shampoos for bleached hair

In this dedicated guide, we're revealing the best shampoos for bleached hair.

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    Holly James
    Beauty Writer
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