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Why Chantecaille is leading the way for Palm Oil-free beauty…

Why Chantecaille is leading the way for Palm Oil-free beauty…

When it comes to planet and animal conservation, Chantecaille is leading the way for beauty.

Dedicated to using their brand platform for the wider good, the brand work with a number of environmental charities across the globe; one of them being The Rainforest Alliance, who support the conservation of gorillas.

With the topic of Palm Oil being such a hotly debated subject at the moment, it’s wonderful to know that Chantecaille are working with charities to protect the gorillas and their home, and that all their skincare products are free from Palm Oil.

Chantecaille Skincare is free of phthalates, sulphates, detergents, mineral oil, petrolatum, palm oil, synthetic colours, synthetic fragrances and GMO’s. We are cruelty-free.

What is palm oil and why should we be avoiding it?

Made from the fruits of African Oil Palm Trees, Palm Oil comes from tropical rainforest areas.

When it’s farmed, it can lead to the destruction of thousands of acres of rainforest, the home of many animals, including the gorillas. With their species number dwindling, a lot of people see palm oil as one of the leading causes of animal extinction due to their homes being destroyed.

How is Chantecaille supporting the “Palm Oil-free” cause?

Chantecaille have partnered with the The Rainforest Alliance, a charity dedicated to protecting the planet’s precious wildlife and tropical rainforests.

Together, they are working to bring Palm Oil-free beauty products to the masses and change the way we think of using ingredients that have massive environmental impacts.

Did you know?

There are less than 850 mountain gorillas left on the planet, a number we don’t want to continue see dwindling.

By buying Chantecaille skincare products, you are supporting the efforts of the brand and The Rainforest Alliance in keeping our planet as beautiful as it should be!



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