Top 5 Bar Soaps (for the face)

Top 5 Bar Soaps (for the face)

Bar soaps, or cleansing bars, are becoming increasingly popular in the beauty world, and after trying one, we know why.

They’re super easy to use, foam into a super creamy lather, and feel oh so retro and simple.

Not only that though, bar soaps do an incredible job of removing all makeup, dirt, oil and impurities without disturbing your natural PH balance.

Throw out all you think you know about bar soaps; they’re going to surprise you.

The One for Dry Skin

If you have dry or dehydrated skin (who doesn’t in the winter months?), you will love the Avène Cold Cream Ultra Rich Cleansing Bar.

If you haven’t tried the brand before, it’s superb for sensitive or reactive complexions. They use Thermal Spring Water, which gently nourishes without disrupting your skin’s natural balance. Plus, the brand is also hypoallergenic and free from substances such as perfume, making it perfect for sore skin in the winter.

This cleansing bar is super easy to use and has an identical PH level to the skin, leaving it balanced and calm. Plus, if you love a foaming texture, you’ll love this as it lathers into a creamy consistency that leaves skin incredibly soft.

The One for City Girls

Live in London or any other polluted city? You’ll want to invest in the Estée Lauder Nutritious Micro-Algae Cleansing Bar.

It’s created with nutrient and antioxidant-rich Micro-Algae, which helps to detoxify the skin and neutralise free radical damage; perfect for post-pollution complexions.

If you have been out and about and your skin feels “dirty”, this is the perfect bar soap to decongest and remove all the build-up and grime from the day.

The One for Sensitive Complexions

Loved by supermodels and makeup artists all over the world, Embryolisse is a brand that does one simple job of keeping the skin healthy.

When it comes to sensitive skin, you don’t want all bells and whistles skincare, you need one product that helps to nourish and keep your delicate cells comfortable and free from irritation.

Luckily, the Embryolisse Gentle Dermatological Cleansing Bar does just that. Made with an a blend of emollient and conditioning ingredients, the bar soap gently cleanses away dirt, oil and impurities without stripping your skin.

The One for Men

Male skin works slightly differently to women’s. It’s rougher, coarser and generally oilier texture means that it can be more breakout-prone and porous, which is why we think the Baxter of California Vitamin Cleansing Bar is the perfect addition to any grooming routine.

It contains a blend of nutrient-rich ingredients including Vitamins A and E, Seaweed and Glycerin to hydrate and protect the skin.

The bar soap can even be used on the body, making it the perfect multi-tasking product for men who don’t wan an extensive skincare routine.

The One for All Skin Types

If you love a product that can be used any time of the month no matter what your skin is going through, you will love the Argentum Le Savon Lune Facial Cleanser.

Hailing from premium beauty brand Argentum, the gentle bar soap is the perfect cleansing bar day and night. It contains the brand’s signature Silver Hydrosol, which helps to heal the complexion and purify and congested areas.

If you have visible blemishes, this is also great, as Silver is naturally anti-bacterial, making it perfect for keeping out infection and encouraging a faster healing process.



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