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Sleeping Beauty: Why Slip is becoming the trendiest beauty brand…

Sleeping Beauty: Why Slip is becoming the trendiest beauty brand…
Team LF
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If you haven't yet heard of Slip, you'll want to get on board with this luxury and coveted beauty brand as soon as you can...

The brand has taken the beauty world by storm and won over some pretty tough editors at Vogue, as well as distinguished dermatologists such as Dr. Dennis Gross, and celebrity hairstylists such as Jen Atkin. Not a crowd who are easily pleased or swayed by just anything.

Before we get into what makes Slip so incredible, we want to give you a brief overview of the brand itself and how it came to materialise (literally).

Why and how did Slip begin?

It all began in 2003, when the brand's founder Fiona Stewart was prescribed strong acne medication, which led to some quite strong side effects including extremely sensitive skin and thinning hair.

Fiona's dermatologist at the time actually suggested she sleep on a silken pillowcase, which he believed wouldn't irritate her skin or cause her hair to become further damaged. Fiona however wasn't able to find one, so instead she bought some silk and wrapped it around her pillowcase herself.

The results were so dramatic that friends and family were clamouring to get in on her secret, and local shops came knocking on her door.

Together with her husband, Fiona launched Slip in Australia; the world's first silken pillowcase, which is now stocked all over the world.

Today, and just as they started, the brand position themselves very much as a beauty brand and not a home-ware one. Read on to find out why...

Beauty. Not Bedding - Slip

What makes Slip so incredible?

Did you know that by the time we get to 60 years of age, we will have slept for an average of 20 years? That is an incredible amount of our time, and so we need to make sure we spend it on the most luxurious and skin-loving material as possible.

Silk itself is one of the most natural fibres out there, and while cotton and satin have been created to replicate its soft texture, they don't come anywhere near as close to replicating its skin and hair benefits.

Slip use only the finest grade Mulberry Silk to create their eye masks and pillowcases, which means you are only putting the very best product onto your skin.

Naturally less absorbent than cotton, silk helps to keep your skin hydrated by not zapping moisture from its surface. The result? A super soft, supple and smooth complexion. This is what also makes it so great for your hair too. As it doesn't soak up moisture, it helps to keep your locks lusciously gorgeous and soft.

In addition, silk is an incredible fabric for people with allergies due to its pure and natural fibres and composition. Not only is it hypoallergenic, it's completely resistant to dust-mites, so you don't need to worry about keeping your skin clean and free from bacteria as you sleep.

Slip's silk goes a step further and uses only the finest grade Mulberry Silk, made with non-toxic dyes so you can be sure your skin and hair are receiving only the very best in luxury sleeping.

Our favourite Slip products...

  • Silk Sleep Mask - This beautiful sleeping mask is delicately crafted from the finest silk and completely blocks out all light for the perfect night's sleep. The silk also helps to hydrate the skin and prevent those dreaded dark circles from showing. Just remember to completely remove all mascara before applying this white mask!
  • Silk Pillowcase - Where the brand began, the Slip pillowcase is a cult beauty item all over the globe. Sleeping on it is like a dream come true, and not only will it feel incredible against your skin, both your complexion and locks will thank you come morning.

Glowing Testimonials...

Slip for Beauty Sleep Pillowcases which are 100 percent silk, can help keep your hairstyle in tact - Selena Gomez

Slip products are a must for literally everyone. Sleeping on a Slip silk pillowcase tames my hair while I sleep, meaning I can actually wake up and go! - Jen Atkin

Slip slip pillowcase is my household staple as it's the perfect combination of shine, thickness and softness while allowing skin to breathe - Dr. Dennis Gross

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