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What Are Night Creams?

3 years ago
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Night creams are a typically a slightly thicker, richer facial cream that when applied before bed absorbs into your skin nourishing your face with a wonderfully hydrating and repairing formula. Night creams are often infused with key ingredients such as antioxidants, peptides and hydrators to help you wake up with plump, bright and radiant skin.

Night time is the ideal time to apply a facial cream infused with ingredients that would generally conflict with sun exposure or creams that are too rich to apply under your makeup for daily wear.

Which ingredients are in a night cream?

  • Antioxidants including Vitamins A, C, and E.
  • Peptides including Amino acids to stimulate collagen repair.
  • Hydrators including Glycerol or Hyaluronic Acid to retain moisture.

What does night cream do?

  1. Night cream moisturisers and hydrates the dry parts of your face.
  2. Night cream makes your skin softer, plumper and more subtle.
  3. Night cream helps with the renewal of your skin.
  4. Night cream often has more intensive anti-ageing properties.

What is the difference between a night cream and a day cream?

Daytime moisturisers are designed to protect your skin from the elements, whereas night creams are designed to hydrate and replenish your skin. The face cream you use for the daytime is generally lighter than a night cream and typically contains SPF to protect your skin from the sun.

The best night creams

  1. Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Hydrating Cream
  2. First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Hydra Firm Overnight Sleeping Cream
  3. Caudalie Premier Cru The Rich Cream
  4. NUXE Nuxuriance Ultra Night Cream
  5. Elizabeth Arden Anti-Aging Overnight Cream
  6. Ecooking night cream

The best hydrating night creams

Give your skin a well deserved overnight treat with the Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Hydrating Cream. This soothing moisturiser restores your skin while you sleep, without leaving a greasy or sticky residue. With ingredients such as white tea and sweet almond oil, this nourishing formula will help your skin to get its sparkle back.

Replenish your skin while your sleep with First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Hydra Firm Overnight Sleeping Cream. This powerful blend targets the appearance of key signs of ageing during your skin's nightly repair phase. Key ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, colloidal oatmeal and conditioning butter work hard to revitalise your skin throughout the night.

The best night cream for dry skin

Best suited for those with dry skin types, the Caudalie Premier Cru The Rich Cream is a sumptuous moisturiser that aims to brighten the complexion and plump its texture to smooth out any fine lines or wrinkles. After just one use your skin will appear clearer, more radiant and more comfortable.

The NUXE Nuxuriance Ultra Night Cream helps to re-plump and 'reshape' the appearance of facial contours to promote a smoother, denser and more radiance skin appearance. For a luxurious treat, this night cream is also infused with a dreamy Orange Blossom, Raspberry and Sandalwood scent.

H3 The best anti ageing night creams

Combat the visible signs of ageing with the luxurious Elizabeth Arden Anti-Aging Overnight Cream. Lines, wrinkles and discolouration will be visibly reduced, leaving you with a brighter, more even and youthful complexion. A wonderful multi-tasker, this night cream improves your skin's elasticity and resilience to keep it looking and feeling firm.

Looking for natural skincare? The Ecooking night cream is a rich yet lightweight, the quick-absorbing formula that contains six natural amino acids, and works in the same way as Botox to help relax muscles naturally. Infused with peptides and collagen-enhancing ingredients, this night cream delivers long-lasting moisture and hydration, whilst minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to reveal a smoother complexion.

So next time you get your beauty sleep, by choosing a night cream you really will be waking up, as if by beautiful skin

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