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How to dye textured hair at home

How to dye textured hair at home
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If you can't get an appointment with your hairdresser, or you don't fancy footing the bill, you may want to consider dyeing your hair at home. But what about textured hair? Well, we're glad you asked. We teamed up with Umberto Giannini and their curly hair specialists to answer your most asked questions, and make sure you can dye your textured hair like a pro. Whether you're after a lighter shade for the summer season or want a touch of rouge for autumnal vibes, you can try a totally new look from the comfort of your own home.

How to dye textured hair at home

Step 1: Patch test

You should always do a skin test before dyeing hair. No ifs, no buts. It's extremely important to check if your skin may react to the dye before you've covered your entire head.

Step 2: Mix the colour

This step may differ depending on which brand you're using. If you're using the Umberto Giannini Flowerology collection, listen closely. Pour bottle number one into bottle number two (they're conveniently labelled). Bottle number one is the gel and bottle number two is the applicator bottle, which contains the colour developer. Make sure the lid is on tight (we don't want any spillage!) and then give the bottle a good shake.

Step 3: Strand test

This is vital for any at-home dyeing. Each person's hair type can have different porosity, meaning that it'll take up the colour at a different speed. You should do a strand test first, taking a very small section from somewhere near the back of your head, to see how your hair takes up the colour.

Once you have your gloves on, squeeze the colour onto the palm area, then smooth it into the hair using a downward motion as you head towards the ends. Leave the colour in for 30 minutes, then rinse the hair with warm water to see your results.

Step 4: Colour application

Once you're happy with your strand test, you can move onto dyeing the rest of your head.

Start by splitting your hair into four sections, it'll make it a lot easier to get even coverage. Working through one section at a time, start by massaging the colour into the roots. Then, smooth the colour into the hair, working in the same downward motion that you did for your strand test.

Leave the colour in for as long as directed on the box. For Umberto's line, that's 30 minutes.

Step 5: Rinse

You'll notice your hair has already started to change colour, but wait until your timer is up to rinse (unless you experience irritation, in which case, wash it out!). Rinse your hair first with warm water, and then shampoo, until the water runs clear. Wait for your hair to dry, and get excited to see the new you!


Your most asked questions

We caught up with Claire Shread, curly hair specialist and co-founder of Umberto Giannini to clear up any confusion...

What inspired you to release the Flowerology collection?

My scalp was so itchy and sensitive after colouring and although the hair colour was gorgeous, the compromise on experience, environmental factors and my vegan beliefs. Some 2 years later and after extensive research, testing and incredible determination on the part of the development team, we launched Flowerology.  Now I colour my super curly hair quickly and easily at home with salon-quality results.

Is textured hair too fragile to dye at home?

Textured hair can be fragile, although there’s no reason to shy away from colouring it yourself. It’s important to treat your hair with care when colouring at home, so make sure to look for a colourant that is going to give extra hydration to the hair.

Umberto Giannini’s natural vegan colourants are gentle on hair and scalp, with no ammonia or chemicals. Made with 95% natural botanical ingredients, the colourants are specially formulated to deeply nourish your hair, ensuring you achieve 100% coverage without any damage. All of our colourants were developed alongside salon professionals and tested at every stage to ensure you achieve the best possible results.

Should your hair be wet or dry when you dye it?

For best results we would recommend using it on dry hair, our salon team recommend separating the hair gently into sections for ease.

Should you dye your hair when it's straightened, or leave it natural?

We’ve created Flowerology hair colour with curly and textured hair in mind, and we believe you shouldn’t have to straighten it to get the same amazing results. Keep it natural!

Should you have any product in your textured hair when you dye it? 

We would always recommend using your hair colourant on clean hair with little to no product on it to get the best results.

How do you make sure the back of your head is evenly covered?

Mirrors and snag-free clips are your best friend. Section your hair into 4 and start with the back before moving towards the front. Alternatively, get a friend or relative who wants to join in on the fun to help you with the back sections!

How long should you leave the dye on? Does textured hair generally need less or more time?

Hair that is kinkier is actually much more porous, so it's likely to take colour up faster. If you want root coverage for regrowth or greys we recommend starting along the hairline and parting so it has longer to develop whilst doing the rest of your hair.

Any top tips?

Sectioning your hair with clips will allow you to work faster. You’ll also be able to tell where you’ve already applied colour which is helpful when doing it yourself.

Once you've finished dyeing, it's best to go in with a deep conditioning mask for hydration. We love the heavenly scent of our Banana Butter Leave-In-Conditioner. Thanks to its leave-in formulation, it's perfect for any time you're in a rush or doing a wash and go!

After that, make sure you're using a colour-safe shampoo to avoid fading and keep your new shade bright. Our Curl Repair and Grow Shampoo is especially suited to sensitive scalps, fuelled with anti-inflammatory ingredient to calm any irritation.


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