3 easy steps to autumn chic

I love living in Brighton! I’ve got the beach on my doorstep, the bright lights of the city, the quirky shopping and the rolling hills of the South Downs.

This weekend we, (being a couple of friends, my other half and I), chose to embrace the Autumn air and embark on a leisurely walk up the River Adur. It struck me that as the world and his dog are having a good ol’ moan about the nights closing in (yes that includes me), have we taken the time to appreciate this gorgeous time of year that marks the transition of summer into winter?

Taking inspiration from my weekend, here’s my 3 style steps to keep your spirits high before the winter really kicks in!

      1. First up,

Wella Color Fresh, Deep Autumn Chestnut

    will have your locks looking intensely lush and will update your look in an instant, well no more than 20 minutes anyway!
      2. For subtle daytime chic, I’d opt for

Elizabeth Arden Double Intrigue Eyes, Autumn Leaves

    (its neutral shades blend to bring out the best in all eye colours) with a touch of blush for a truly healthy glow.
      3. For ultimate Autumn chic

Nails Inc Autumn Winter Colour Collection

    is a must, giving you a selection of four fabulous colours to prove you really are on top of the style stakes.

What are your Autumn essentials? We’d love to hear your views!



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