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Discover the ghd Platinum+, the world’s 1st Smart Styler that predicts your hair’s needs…

Discover the ghd Platinum+, the world’s 1st Smart Styler that predicts your hair’s needs…
Team LF
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ghd are the experts in hair styling, which is why when we discovered they were launching the world's 1st Smart Styler that predicts your hair's needs, we sat down and took notes.So, what is it that makes the new ghd Platinum+ special? And should we be adding it to our hair styling collection?

What is the ghd Platinum+?

The first ever styler (globally!) with the ability to predict your hair's needs, the ghd Platinum+ has been created using the most advanced and sophisticated technology. Technology, which gives it the ability to constantly adapt to your individual hair fibres and deliver the optimal styling temperature at all times, so your hair remains healthy, soft and shiny.

The ultra-zone with prediotive technology works with your hair to guarantee a consistent styling temperature, helping to maintain beautiful locks. Sensors within the ghd plates are monitored 250 times per second so that it remains at the optimal 185 degrees celsius temperature for styling. Super intelligent styling if we do say so ourselves. By recognising the thickness of your individual hair, the speed at which you are styling it and adjusting its heat dispersion accordingly, you get the very best results.

Helps you to achieve 70% stronger hair* - ghd

Why 185 degrees?

Described by ghd as the "magic number", 185 degrees celsius has been tested by the brands in-house labs and hair experts when determining the optimal temperature for hair styling.

It's been proven that hair is at its most flexible when at this temperature, meaning it can be easily styled without leaving heat on the hair for long, thereby reducing potential and irreversible heat damage and breakage.

How is the ghd Platinum+ different from other ghd hair straighteners?

While all ghd hair straighteners go up to 185 degrees celsius, only the new Platinum+ remains at this temperature consistently throughout styling thanks to its predictive technology needs.

If you use hair tools every day, we would recommend the ghd Platinum+ as it leaves hair in the healthiest condition with the best styling. You can then use your curling tongs, wands and wide-irons as and when you want to switch up your look.

*reduced breakage vs a straightener at 230 degas tested by third party lab TRI Prinston.

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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