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Why we love the Eve Lom Radiance Face Oil

Why we love the Eve Lom Radiance Face Oil
Team LF
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Facial oils are incredibly important for the skin, especially in the winter time. Lighter than a rich moisturiser, they can provide more hydration for the skin without causing it to break-out. Eve Lom's Radiance Face Oil. is one of our favourite facial oils of all time; read on to discover why.

Why use a facial oil?

There's a lot of questions around whether you should use facial oils if you have a certain skin type, but in truth, face oils are brilliant for each and every complexion. Even those with oily skin can benefit from adding in one to their routines. This is because oily skin tends to be caused by over-stripping, which leads to your cells thinking they need to produce more to compensate. By adding a face oil into your routine, it helps to balance out oil production, thereby giving you a healthy complexion.

For every other skin type, face oils are a way to add in moisture without using a heavy cream. Plus, they're a surefire way to a glowing complexion.

What makes the Eve Lom Radiance Face Oil special?

This beautifully lightweight yet nourishing face oil contains a very unique blend of ingredients, which work in synergy to provide your skin with everything it needs to stay healthy and protected against environmental aggressors.

  • Hemp seed oil - This is what helps to provide moisture without leaving the skin feeling gready. It's also rich in fatty acids which help to keep the skin plumped-up and healthy.
  • Avocado oil - The food of the milennials, anything with avocado in it flies off the shelves. It's not just a fad though, avocado helps to soften the skin and keep it hydrated against the cold weather and elements.
  • Vitamin C - This is the brightening ingredient every age group should be using thanks to its immediate and long-term benefits.
  • Rosemary leaf extract - A surprising and brilliant antioxidant which protects and moisturises.
  • Abyssinian oil - Helps to fight against fine lines and wrinkles for a smooth complexion.

How do I use it?

One of the reasons we love this facial oil is because it has wonderful multipurpose properties. You can either press 3 drops into cleansed skin before your moisturiser, or use in your foundation during the day to add a little more radiance and glow.

For the perfect pairing, use in conjunction with the Eve Lom Radiance Lift Cream, which will help to provide the ultimate hydration and luminosity to dehyrated and dulling skin.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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