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How to get white teeth with Spotlight

How to get white teeth with Spotlight
Team LF
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Everyone wants super white teeth, but unfortunately the whitening process can be extremely expensive. Enter Spotlight Whitening.

Created by Irish cosmetic dentists Dr. Lisa and Vanessa Craven, Spotlight Whitening was created as the answer to expensive in-house dental whitening treatments, and is a safe treatment you can use in your own time at home.

Each product contains the same active ingredient (hydrogen peroxide) as used by dentists in their clinical practices, yet at a safe level to not cause tooth sensitivity.

What is hydrogen peroxide?

Known as the only clinically proven ingredient that whitens teeth, hydrogen peroxide is the main ingredient in all of Spotlight's products. It is a bleaching agent, which helps to dissolve stains on the teeth and leave them looking brighter and whiter. All of Spotlight's products however have been created to be kind to your teeth, at the same time as keeping them pearly white.

Due to its bleaching properties, hydrogen peroxide can cause some sensitivity for some people, which is why it's incredibly important to visit your dentist if you experience sensivity of any kind.

Why do my teeth look yellow?

If your set of pearly whites no longer look pearly white, it could be down to a multiple of factors including lifestyle and eating habits. Smoking, alcohol and caffeine consumption can all contribute to dulling the colour of your teeth and leaving them will yellow stains.

Luckily, this type of stain is usually only on the enamel, which is easy to clean and whiten. If you have sensitivity along with yellowing of the teeth, make sure you visit your dentist, as this type of discolouration could mean your enamel has worn away and the yellow is coming from the underlying dentin.

How do I make my teeth white?

Spotlight has a range of teeth whitening products to choose from, based on your own personal dental preference. Our favourite has to be the Whitening Pen, which contains hydrogen carbonate calcium to dissolve stains instead of simply masking them.

To use, simply paint your teeth with the pen and leave on for 5 minutes. After that time, you'll notice the substance has turned into a gel, which just needs to be rinsed away with water. To keep up its whitening effects, the brand recommends you use it daily. We like to use it before bed, as you shouldn't use a whitening agent just before eating.

If you want to just switch out your toothpaste for a whitening version, try the Spotlight Teeth White Paste. It contains the same effective hydrogen peroxide, but is incredibly safe to use and easy to incorporate into your dental hygiene routine.

One of the most popular options for teeth whitening is whitening strips. Spotlight's version are the only European strips that contain hydrogen peroxide, and results can be seen in as little as 14 days.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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