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Male Grooming: The Best Hair Trimmers

Male Grooming: The Best Hair Trimmers
Andy Wood
Writer and expert6 years ago
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Although the idea of heading to a Barber's for a hot cloth shave and a trim is a lovely one, we know that a lot of men just prefer to get on with their grooming themselves.

If you're DIY grooming fan, these are the best hair trimmers you can find to keep your beard tidy and your hairstyle neat.

  • 1.Wahl Groomsman Rechargeable Trimmer

    Wahl Groomsman Rechargeable Trimmer
    5 Stars 1 Reviews
    These hair clippers from Wahl have everything you need to keep yourself tidy, including a moustache comb and 3 different attachments for a close trim. Easy to recharge, the battery lasts for a full hour of use, making it ideal for taking away with you, cable free. With sharp carbon steel blades and a soft touch grip, it gives you ultimate control.
  • 2.BaByliss For Men Mini Trimmer

    BaByliss For Men Mini Trimmer
    5 Stars 3 Reviews
    This mini hair trimmer makes detailed grooming around the eyebrows, sideburns and ears a breeze. With a washable head making it simple to clean, this little groomer can cut between 2 and 10 mm with an adjustable comb. Run off an AA battery for cord-free trimming, it keeps grooming simple.
  • 3.EGO Professional Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer

    EGO Professional Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer
    EGO Professional are known for their incredible quality styling and grooming tools, so it should be nor surprise that they have made our list. This sleek groomer is versatile and simple to use and comes with 2 comb attachments for different lengths. Its lithium ion battery charges easily whilst you store it, with the cable plugging into the sleek stand. Fully charged, the battery lasts for 90 minutes so you can perfect your cut with no trouble.
  • 4.Trevor Sorbie Stay Sharp Professional Hair And Beard Grooming Set

    Trevor Sorbie Stay Sharp Professional Hair And Beard Grooming Set
    5 Stars 2 Reviews
    This is the kit if you're looking for ultimate adaptability. It can trim your hair, your beard and even your nose and ears as well as offering options for shaving and detailed shaping. The hair combs cut from 3 to 12mm and there are 5 fine adjustments levels for your beards. With a professional high power motor and stainless steel blades, it will let you groom your hair however you like it.
  • 5.BaByliss For Men Super Crew Cut Clipper

    BaByliss For Men Super Crew Cut Clipper
    5 Stars 2 Reviews
    If you're the kind of guy who just wants to be able to cut his hair quickly and easily, this is the one for you. Specially designed for giving you a great haircut, it is ergonomically designed to make sure you get a smooth, even cut all over your head. With Japanese rotary steel blades and adjustable comb guides for grades 1-4, this will make sure you never have to head to a salon again.
Andy Wood
Writer and expert
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