Beauty Maths: Festival Essentials

Beauty Maths: Festival Essentials

Festival season is in full swing, with Glastonbury just around the corner. We know that looking and feeling great whilst living out of a (potentially pretty muddy) tent is no mean feat, but with these combos in your beauty bag, you’re guaranteed to nail that festival beauty. Discover the festival essentials you shouldn’t leave home without.

SPF + Water Spray = Keeping your Cool

Spending all day outside can leave your skin hot and sore. If you’re lucky enough to have a sunny festival weekend, then it is all the more important you keep yourself protected. Nothing is more uncomfortable than burnt shoulders and cheeks!

Apply a high factor suncream before heading out into the arenas and make sure you keep some in your bag for a top up. If you’re feeling the heat, a water spray will hydrate and soothe sun-baked skin and cool you down without ruining your makeup.

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Dry Shampoo + Invisibobble = Chic Festival Hair

3 day old hair can be a nightmare, with tangles and greasy roots. If you’re a bit scared of the festival showers, then this is the combination you need to keep your hair looking great all festival long.

Spray through the roots with Dry Shampoo will make your roots look fresh and clean and tying your hair up in a messy bun with a super strength Invisibobble will help keep it tangle-free and ready for dancing.

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Face Wipes + Water-Free Cleanser = Squeaky Clean Skin

Keeping your skincare routine up at a festival can be a nightmare, but with sweat, dirt and makeup, it is the moment when your skin needs a good clean the most. This is our secret to keeping skin fresh and gorgeous without a single drop of water.

By using a wipe off makeup remover, you can make sure to get rid of every scrap of dirt. If you wipe it off with cleansing wipes that gives an extra boost and a refreshing feel, without having to brave the festival showers every night!

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CC Cream + Balm Highlighter = Fuss-Free Base

When you don’t want to pack a whole big bag of beauty products and you won’t have a mirror for easy application, things need to be simple.

Our favorite fuss-free combination for amazing even and radiant skin is CC Cream and a balm highlighter. Just apply the CC Cream with your fingers to counteract any red skin or blueness under the eyes, then dab a balm highlighter onto the cheekbones, browbone and cupid’s bow for a gorgeous, strobed finish.

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Waterproof Mascara + Liquid Lipstick = Weatherproof Makeup

If you’re going to a festival, lashes of mascara and a bold lip make for an amazing look, but the last thing you want is for it to end up smeared all over your face. Make a statement that lasts by choosing weatherproof formulas.

Make sure that your mascara is waterproof to avoid any runs if you’re caught in a downpour! For the lips, go for a liquid lipstick that will last all day long, rain or shine. We always look for the hot pinks, bright reds and bold oranges for a real Summer-ready look.

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