How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

Perfect eyebrows help to frame your face and accentuate your eyes. Who wouldn’t want that? If you would like thicker, more defined brows, or have over-plucked in the past, you won’t be the only one looking for how to get perfect brows. To celebrate the launch of the amazing Hi Impact Brows, we’re sharing the ultimate Dos and Don’ts for gorgeous brows. After all, even with the best products, it is what you do with them that counts!

Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

  1. Do - Get an amazing eyebrow product

    Whatever brows you are blessed with naturally, a great product can make all the difference. The newly launched Hi Impact Brow Palette (which our lucky Lookfantastic Beauty Box customers will already have had the chance to try out before the launch) is amazing. It grips onto your brow hair, adding thickness, definition and shape to your eyebrows. The smudge proof formula is easy to blend and incredibly long lasting, and the 4 shades allow you to create the perfect colour match for you.

  2. Don’t - Use Brow Stencils

    In theory, stencils sound like the easiest way to get the perfect eyebrows. In reality, it is very rare that they give you the right shape for you. It is always best to work with your natural brow shape. To find your ideal shape, map your brows using a brow brush. Place the angled brush alongside your nose to find where your brow should start, then angle the brush at 45 Degrees from the outside of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. That gives you the end of your brush. Finally, find the arch point by positioning the brush in line with the corner of your nose and the outer of your pupil.

  3. Do – Blend well

    Blending isn’t just for your foundation or blush! To give you gorgeous brows which look like you were born with them, you want to blend. This only needs to be a few swipes of a spoolie brush, but it makes all thedifference. Blending will soften any harsh edges and make your brows look naturally full and defined.

  4. Don’t – Go too dark

    No one wants eyebrows which distract from the rest of your face. Whilst we can love a bold brow, especially with platinum hair, the natural look works best when you find your perfect shade. This is one of the reasons why we love the Hi Impact Brow Palette. The 4 shades let you find the perfect colour match, whether you are blond, brunette or a redhead. Mix them for your ideal shade and start applying in light layers. Build up colour where you need it for gorgeous, natural and defined brows.

  5. Do – Use the right brush

    Using the right brush to apply your eyebrow Make Up can make a world of difference to the finish. If you use a brush that is too wide or flat it can give a messy or unnatural finish. Look for a brush that is thin and angled. It will let you apply the powder with precision and in lots of fine strokes. Luckily, the brush included in the Hi Impact Brow Palette is perfect!

  6. Don’t – Start your arch in the incorrect spot

    If you look at women with amazing eyebrows, like Cara Delevigne and Emma Watson, you’ll see that their arches flatter their different face shapes perfectly. If you start your arch in the wrong place, is can change your entire face; putting it close to the centre of your face can make you look permanently angry! To avoid that, shape your brows to fit your face. Find the right arch point for you by using the brow mapping technique we talked about above. Place your brush along the bridge of your nose across your pupil to find the ideal arch spot for you.

  7. Do – Understand they may not be identical

    Just like when you’re trying to get those eyeliner flicks identical, trying to get your brows to match perfectly never goes to plan. If you obsess too much, you’re likely to end up with over drawn brows (that still won’t match!). Accept it and remember our mantra: your eyebrows are meant to be sisters, not twins!

If you’d like to try out the Hi Impact Brow Palette for yourself, don’t miss out on your chance to get the full size in the February Beauty Box! Hurry, before they sell out.



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