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Matte skincare: the best products for oily skin in the summer

Matte skincare: the best products for oily skin in the summer
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Oily skin can be difficult to get under control at the best of times, but couple that with warmer weather and sunscreen in the summer, and it can be a real recipe for disaster. With the right products and techniques, you can easily keep oily skin at bay and mattify your complexion without needing to reach for blotting papers throughout the day. We have rounded up our edit of the best products for oily skin so you can be shine-free throughout summer.

Do I have oily skin?

There are some key traits which you can look out for to test if you have oily skin, which include:

  1. Feeling greasy and looking shiny. If you have to use blotting papers throughout the day, chances are your skin is producing too much oil.
  2. Large pores which become blocked. Do you have lots of blackheads or whiteheads? If so, you have an oily skin type.
  3. Acneic or blemishes are present in oil zones such as the nose, chin and forehead.
  4. Feels clean and shine-free only after a morning and evening cleanse.
  5. Moisturiser makes your skin feel greasy and look shiny.

Which are the best products for oily skin?

When it comes to battling excess shine and sebum, you need to know you can trust in the best products for oily skin possible. We have selected our edit of the oil-battling beauty treatments that will leave you with a mattified complexion and shine-free skin.

The micellar cleanser

A gentle micellar cleanser is sometimes all oily skin needs to regulate its sebum levels, especially if you have also some sensitivity. ESPA's Purifying Micellar Cleanser contains witch hazel to purify while rose water soothes and hyaluronic acid hydrates without making the skin feel greasy.

The soap cleanser

For those that prefer a traditional soapy texture to their cleanser, Clinique's Liquid Facial Soap makes the perfect option. It doesn't strip away your natural moisture levels but instead leaves your skin oil-free and comfortable. By lifting away dirt and impurities, skin is left feeling cleansed and hydrated.

The gel cleanser

SVR's Sebiaclear Gel Moussant Cleanser is a soap-free formula which gently cleanses the skin without overdrying it as some traditional gel cleansers can do. It contains a blend of active ingredients which purify and decongest to eliminate excess oil and shine, whilst also being free from alcohol and parabens. Oh, and did we mention it's suitable for sensitive skin?

The jelly face mask

Omorovicza's Midnight Radiance Mask not only has one of the nicest product names in the industry, it's also touted as being one of the best products for oily skin. It contains black willow and salicylic acid, which work to exfoliate away dead skin cells and unblog pores to remove dirt, oil and impurities.

The clay face mask

If you prefer the feel of a clay mask to tighten your pores and refine the skin, you will love La Roche-Posay's Effaclar Clay Mask. It contains kaolin clay to absorb excess sebum in the skin, while panthenol helps to soothe and nourish so the complexion doesn't feel dry or tight.

The spray toner

If you like a quick skincare routine, you will love La Roche-Posay's Serozinc Toner. It's a spritz-on formula that contains zinc sulphate to mattify the skin and reduce excess sebum. Plus, it sinks straight into the skin and leaves the complexion feeling comfortable.

The liquid toner

Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant has won countless awards and it's little wonder. It's one of the best products for oily skin as it helps to combat shie, pore size and blemishes. It contains salicylic acid to exfoliate away dead skin cells and reduce redness, while being free from chemical nasties like fragrance.

The serum

Balance Me's Congested Skin Serum is a natural oily skin treatment designed to reduce the appearance of blemishes, combat redness and eliminate blocked pores. It contains spruce knot and kanuka essential oil, which are naturally anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and shine.

The gel moisturiser

The cult yellow lotion from Clinique has become a favourite for people with oily skin since its inception. The Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is oil-free so perfect for anyone with combination skin, yet helps to lock in a healthy glow without making the skin feel greasy.

The SPF moisturiser

If you want to wear an SPF in your moisturiser everyday but don't want it to have that traditional greasy feeling, you will love Murad's Oil Control Mattifier. It has an SPF of 15, yet also helps to prevent excess surface oil and shine.

The treatment

Nothing targets blemishses and excess oil quite like the La Roche-Posay Effaclar A.I. Breakout Corrector. It's enriched with niacinamide to reduce redness and sweling while LHA exfoliates the skin and removes excess oil from the surface of the skin.

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