How To Apply Your Foundation with New CID

Have you ever applied your foundation and found that it doesn’t give you the look you want?

Mikey Philips from New CID Cosmetics talks us through his tips and tricks to getting a flawless and pristine foundation application every time.

‘I would always suggest a product to make foundation application easier, longer lasting and flawless.  Primer is the key to this, helping to blur imperfections and allow the foundation to glide onto the skin giving a flawless and weightless effect.

New CID Cosmetics i -prime also has the added benefit of the anti aging ingredient  ATP which helps maintain the structure of the skin.


How you apply foundation depends in the skin.

If the skin is dry, fingers give the best result as the heat from your hands help melt the product onto the skin and stop it sitting and looking dry or heavy.

If your skin is not dry, a foundation brush would be my first choice as it gives an almost airbrushed effect and you tend to use less of a product .


Start by matching your foundation as close as you can to your skin tone, match this along the jaw line .

Foundation is to brighten and even out skin tone and not act as a mask or be dirty looking.

Use foundation where you need it, covering small imperfections rather than over the whole face.

Start applying the foundation down the centre of the face blending the foundation outwards. If using a brush apply light airbrush strokes which will buff the foundation seamlessly onto the skin.

Pop a small amount if needed onto the forehead but with caution as you do not want the product sitting or looking heavy and the same care should be taken around the chin area.

Don’t keep going over the foundation, use your finger or the brush to pat the foundation onto the problem areas to build it up but not look heavy.

To finish set the t zone with a translucent powder to hold the foundation in place


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