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How to Stop Oily Hair

How to Stop Oily Hair
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When it comes to haircare concerns, one of our most frequently asked questions is 'How can I stop oily hair?'. The answer lies in rethinking your haircare routine and considering some changes to your diet. To learn more about our top tips and product recommendations, explore our ultimate guide.

What causes oily hair?

Oily hair is caused by excess sebum production on the scalp. This can result from genetics, pregnancy, or hormones.

Don't wash your hair every day

One of the first steps to reducing the appearance of oily hair is ensuring that you have a healthy haircare routine. Whilst it might be tempting to wash your hair every day, this can trigger further overproduction of oil. Experts advise washing your hair two or three times a week. On the days where you don't wash your hair, use a dry shampoo to absorb excess oil. For more advice, check out our guide on how often should you wash your hair.

Use a gentle shampoo & conditioner

When you have oily hair, it's important not to rely on harsh, stripping haircare products, as these can do more harm than good. For best results, use gentle purifying haircare formulas which are specifically formulated for your hair type. Use only a small amount of conditioner, and only on the mid-lengths to ends of the hair. Check out our best shampoos for greasy hair edit.

Can diet cause oily hair?

Certain foods can exacerbate oil production, so it's best to avoid fatty foods and keep up a healthy diet including fresh fruit and vegetables.

What are the best products for oily hair?

You'll love our curated edit to keep your hair looking healthy and shine-free. For a wider selection of brands and formulas, explore our full range of haircare for Oily hair.

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