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4 beauty brands founded by inspirational women

4 beauty brands founded by inspirational women
Team LF
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In celebration of International Women's Day, we're casting the spotlight on four incredible women who have founded some of our favourite beauty brands.

Jen Atkin, founder of OUAI

As far as the hair industry goes, Jen Atkin is undoubtedly the most influential hair stylist and product creator of the moment.

A long way from her first moments in the industry after moving to California with only $300 to her name, Jen Atkin is now one of the most recognisable names in beauty.

Stylist of choice for many wonderful, fashionable women, including Chrissy Teigen and Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Jen Atkin is the epitome of cool-girl chic and her haircare line, OUAI, is no different.

After spending years travelling all over the world, styling and treating women’s hair, Atkin hoped to create a line for real life women, creating textures and finishes which women wanted from their hair every day.

OUAI was her answer to a call for smart, cool haircare. Inspired by minimalist beauty trends, OUAI takes haircare back to basics, focusing on real hair concerns.

Starting with one, hero product in 2016, the Texturizing Hair Spray, OUAI is quickly earning its place at the forefront of haircare and makes the cool-girl hair we all long for that little bit more achievable.

Find out a little bit more about Jen Atkin in our exclusive interview with her here.

Kathy Phillips, founder of thisworks

Seven years as a Health and Beauty Editor for Vogue put Kathy Phillips in a wonderful position when developing her own beauty and wellness brand this works.

Phillip’s in depth knowledge of all things beauty led her to create a brand full of products which actually worked and did what they claimed to do.

Her love of Yoga, which she has been practicing for over thirty-five years, truly influenced her interest in natural products, plants and herbal medicine. Her wellness lifestyle urged Phillips to create a brand which reflected a gentler, more holistic way of living.

Believing beauty sleep is the secret to beautiful skin, Phillip’s placed a real emphasis on creating sleep-inducing beauty products which catapulted thisworks to become the world-renowned brand it is today.

Sarah Chapman, founder of Sarah Chapman

Growing up in Norway, Sarah Chapman learnt a lot about skincare in order to protect her skin against the harsh weather conditions.

Looking after her skin from such a young age had a profound influence on her interest in all things skincare. Working on a beauty counter allowed Chapman an insight into the wonderful, transformative effects of cosmeceutical skincare.

Such an interest led Chapman to study cosmetic science ultimately hoping that she would one day be able to create her own skincare ultra-effective products that were enriched with essential oil scents.

The Sarah Chapman range was built upon this interest and has led both Chapman herself and her range to be regarded as the holy grail of skincare.

The whole Skinesis collection has been expertly designed by Chapman herself to allow all women to achieve beautiful skin from the comfort of their own home.

With high profile clients such as Victoria Beckham, Chapman has secured herself a reputation as one of the most in-demand women in beauty.

Discover more about the wonderful Sarah Chapman in our exclusive interview with her here.

Nicola Elliott, founder of NEOM

Nicola Elliott began creating little essential oil blends and tinctures whilst working as a journalist. Seven hectic years as the editor of Glamour magazine left her stressed and burnt out and her little oil blends really helped to calm her body and mind.

Taking advice from friends and family, Elliott decided to launch her own business, creating natural, organic pampering gifts and so in 2005, NEOM was born.

Starting with just five natural candles, NEOM now holds an extensive line of divine products all based around moods and emotions. Using essential oils, NEOM products can lift your mood or ensure you have a sound night’s sleep.

At the heart of the brand is still Elliott’s wish to help women manage their well-being and take a little time out for themselves.

Want to find out more about Nicola Elliott? Take a look at our exclusive interview with her here.

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