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Redken Extreme Range

Redken Extreme Range
Terri Lowe
8 years ago
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Redken is a brand that I’ve not really used before, but have heard so much about! Being a stranger to salons, it seems I do miss out on these fancy brands that everyone discovers on their regular hairdresser visits – perhaps this is the root of all my hair woes?

My Hair Concerns


As mentioned in my previous review, my hair is brittle, dry and damaged from years of colour treatment and neglect. The Redken Extreme Range seemed perfect for my needs, but did it deliver on its promise?

What I thought of the Extreme Products

As usual, the first thing I do when I get a new shampoo or conditioner is give it a good sniff. Somehow the Redken range reminded me of chocolate orange! However, there’s not a hint of chocolate or orange within the formula and you will find it is in actual fact packed full of Ceramide and proteins to help quench the thirst of your hair and help to avoid further breakage.

After wetting my hair I applied the Redken Extreme Shampoo and this lathered up a treat. It felt creamy and nourishing and once rinsed out my hair felt properly cleansed. Immediately following with the conditioner, I used a good dollop and distributed it through the lengths of my hair. After waiting for around 3 minutes I rinsed it out and my hair washing routine was complete! My Wet Brush managed to comb out the tangles hassle-free after a quick towel dry, so first impressions before my blow dry were positive.

Once my hair was towel dried I used two pumps of Redken Anti-Snap. At first I was worried that this would weigh my hair down, but the formula is incredibly lightweight. After the first few uses it didn’t seem to be making a noticeable difference to the breakage of my hair, but after around 3 weeks I began to notice that my hair seemed to be stronger and I was experienced less fall out when brushing.

Even if you don’t see or feel instant results it’s always worth sticking with it, as your hair always needs time to reap the rewards of a new hair product!

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I’ve been dying my hair since I was around 14. After years of not looking after it properly (avoiding hairdressers at all costs) and using chemical processes, it has resulted in dry, damaged, brittle hair which literally snaps off. Not to mention the abundance of split ends too!