Goldwell Scalp Specialist

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We’re all au fait with shampooing and conditioning our hair every day but did you know that targeting and treating the scalp is just as important if you want healthy locks and better growth? Our selection of Goldwell Scalp products offers salon-quality solutions for hereditary hair loss, thinning hair, excess sebum, dandruff, product build-up and sensitivity. Take care of your scalp like you do your skin and soon you’ll have a very happy head.

Goldwell's speciality shampoos, conditioners, serums and sprays are aimed at those with a variety of scalp problems but are also fantastic for those wanting a truly refreshing and deep clean. The range includes very specific active ingredients that encourage cell turnover and promote growth. You'll find everything from anti-hair loss serums to incredibly deep detoxes and fragrance-free products for delicate scalps.

Goldwell Scalp tackles issues at the very root, providing a healthy and clean environment for you to grow stronger hair follicles. Discover a collection of professional products that rebalance the scalp, thicken hair fibres, reduce irritation and remove product overload.

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